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NetBeans DTrace GUI Plugin 1.0 Now Available

The FCS version (1.0) of the NetBeans DTrace GUI Plugin + Chime has been published to the NetBeans Update Center and is available for download. The new release contains more than 30 new Chime displays that can be used to debug and tune applications that are written in native and dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python.

NetBeans and Project Kenai: Helping Grow Your Code in the Cloud

With the release of NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 3, you can now access your Kenai projects from the IDE. Kenai is a destination for developers to host their open source projects, connect with other developers and do more. Visit for an overview of the service, what you get, how to join and get started.

Learn more about NetBeans and Project Kenai integration. To request an invitation to host a project on send an e-mail to and provide a brief description about the project you would like to host.


NetBeans Code Swarm Video: 10 Years of NetBeans History in 5 Minutes!

image Turn on your speakers, pay close attention to the screen and watch NetBeans's evolution visualized as a code swarm video! If you contributed to the NetBeans code base see if you can spot your name among notable community contributors such as Jaroslav Tulach, Jesse Glick, Tor Norbye and more!


Configuring the PHP Development Environment in Linux Ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to configure NetBeans's PHP development environment in the Ubuntu operating system (7.10 and later). This involves installing and configuring the PHP engine, a MySQL database, an Apache web server, and the XDebug debugger.

Developing a Python Application Using NetBeans IDE

Get the basics of using the NetBeans IDE with the Python programming language and begin to explore its possibilities. In this tutorial you will be develop a small application ( to contain and manage a sports team.

Advanced Web Service Interoperability

Learn to use the NetBeans IDE to develop a secure, reliable JAX-WS web service and consume it in a Java class in a Java SE application, or in a servlet or JSP page.

Tech Tip: Installing Android Plugin into NetBeans IDE

This visual tech tip from Martin Adamek shows how to install the Android plugin into the NetBeans IDE.


Video: A Midi Guitar Jam Session with NetBeans IDE

A creative use of the NetBeans IDE: a Midi guitar's notes displayed in the NetBeans IDE using the NoteViewer plugin.


UNESCO Software Built on the NetBeans Platform

UNESCO has been an early supporter of the development of advanced multilingual software that is distributed free-of-charge around the world. In this NetBeans Zone interview, learn about one such software: CDS/ISIS, used for creating, updating and searching textual databases.

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