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Become a NetBeans Certified Specialist!

What's Your NetBeans IQ? Take the Sun Certified Specialist for NetBeans IDE Exam and prove that you have extensive knowledge of the NetBeans IDE!

Created for programmers with experience using the NetBeans IDE to develop Java desktop and web applications, the exam establishes that you can set up and configure complex projects in the IDE and use the IDE's tools to design, code, test, debug, and profile applications. Prove your knowledge and stand out from the crowd. Sign up to get Sun Certified for the NetBeans IDE today!


Pre-Order New NetBeans Platform 6.5 API Book!

image From author Heiko Bock, The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 6.5 is a thorough introduction to the NetBeans Platform and all of its major APIs. Several topics in the book have not been documented anywhere else, making this a must-buy for all NetBeans Platform developers. Pre-order a copy today!


NetBeans IDE for the Cloud and Beyond: A Conversation with Matt Thompson

What's ahead for the NetBeans Project? Find out in this interview with Matt Thompson, Senior Director of Sun's Developer Cloud Tools. Matt discusses why NetBeans continues to matter for Sun, and what the community can expect as the IDE continues to evolve.

NetBeans Platform Enables Intelligent Homes (Dzone)

In this NetBeans Zone article, Marek Kliƛ, a NetBeans Platform developer, introduces a home management application built on the NetBeans Platform. The application controls a home's lighting, heating and security systems.


CRUD Application on the NetBeans Platform (Part 1)

image This first entry in a two-part series integrates a MySQL database into a NetBeans Platform application via EclipseLink.

Discovering Devices and Sending Files via Bluetooth in Java ME

image This tech tip shows you how to create a MIDlet that will search for Bluetooth-enabled devices and services, and then allow the user to send a simple note to one of the found devices.

NetBeans Visual Library Tutorial for Java Applications

Learn how to use the main features provided by the NetBeans Visual Library API. The tutorial covers setting up the application, adding the libraries, and creating and enabling widgets.

Using Hibernate with the Java Persistence API

A tutorial that details the use of the Hibernate persistence provider with the Java Persistence API in NetBeans IDE 6.5.


Tech Tip: Split Screen Editing in NetBeans IDE

A useful tip from developer David Salter: How to perform split screen editing while working on a single file in the NetBeans IDE.

Setting up XDebug on NetBeans 6.5 PHP IDE

A blog entry that outlines the steps for setting up XDebug support in NetBeans 6.5 on Windows Vista.

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