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Help Test NetBeans 6.7 - Join NetCAT!

image Give something back to your favorite IDE by helping the NetBeans team test NetBeans 6.7. Sign up for the latest cycle of NetCAT, the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program. What's needed? A few hours a week in April and May. Join other volunteers and help get the next release into tip-top shape!

Create. Develop. Win. Take the JavaFX Coding Challenge!

There is no limit to break-through thinking. Design and submit a new application using JavaFX and you could win up to $25,000! The contest is open to professional developers and students. Get the details from the, and also check out the NetBeans IDE for JavaFX.


Webinar: Develop MySQL-Backed Java Apps with NetBeans, JRuby-on-Rails & GlassFish

Join Arun Gupta, "GlassFish Guy" at Sun Microsystems, for this informative technical webinar in which he will demonstrate how to leverage the latest version of the NetBeans IDE to quickly and easily develop and deploy MySQL and GlassFish backed applications using the JRuby-on-Rails framework.

WHEN: Thursday, March 26, 2009, 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT, 17:00 GMT. (The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long followed by Q&A.)


Creating a RESTful Web Service and JavaFX Client

Learn how to use the NetBeans IDE with GlassFish and MySQL to create a RESTful web service. You'll also learn how to use the NetBeans IDE with JavaFX support to run a JavaFX client for the web service.

Deploying PHP to a Server-only OpenSolaris Web Stack

This tutorial shows an alternative to configuring PHP, MySQL, Apache, and XDebug on your computer. Instead, deploy PHP applications to a server-only OpenSolaris image with a pre-configured PHP web stack in a Virtual Box.

NetBeans Platform CRUD Application Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to integrate a MySQL database into a NetBeans Platform application. By the end, you will have learned about a range of NetBeans Platform features that can help you create similar applications.

Twitter Search in PHP

image A quick intro to creating a PHP application that searches Twitter and displays its results in a Yahoo UI chart.


NetBeans 6.7 and Glassfish v3: Synergy for Pragmatic JavaEE 6 Development

Watch Adam Bien in action at Sun's CommunityOne East event. "No slides, just code: From nothing to a maintainable Java EE / RIA application, with hacks, best practices and workarounds."

NetBeans and Web Services

User Moz writes that NetBeans is a great tool for web services, and devotes this entry to creating a web service client in just a few clicks.

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