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NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 Now Available

NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 is a minor update to NetBeans 6.5. The release is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese, and includes the following changes:

  • GlassFish v2 UR2 replaced with GlassFish v2.1
  • Integration of the December 2008 and January 2009 patches
  • Integration of bug fixes for JDK6 Update 12 and other issues
Visit the NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 information page for additional details, and Download NetBeans 6.5.1 today.

BlueJ and Greenfoot Go Open Source

image The BlueJ Team has announced the opening of the source code of the BlueJ and Greenfoot systems. Both have been released under the GNU General Public License version 2 with the Classpath Exception, the same license used by the NetBeans IDE.

BlueJ is a great way for University students to learn programming and Java. After "graduating" from BlueJ, they can use the NetBeans BlueJ plugin to migrate to the NetBeans IDE. Greenfoot is a tool used to teach Java and programming to high school (and younger) students.

NetBeans Plugin Portal Updated!

The NetBeans Plugin Portal has been given an update. Learn more about some of the fixes and enhancements to the portal here.


NetBeans IDE Wins Jolt Productivity Award!

The NetBeans IDE is a Jolt winner again! The IDE received its third Mobile and Web Development Tool Productivity Award win at the 19th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards. This is the fourth straight year of wins for the NetBeans IDE at the Jolts. Congratulations to the NetBeans Project & Community!


Warsaw Students Populate the NetBeans Plugin Portal!

Here's an incentive to check out the updated NetBeans Plugin Portal: a small storm of new plugins from NetBeans Platform Training students at Warsaw University. This NetBeans Zone article gives an overview of the new modules.


Screencast: Top 10 NetBeans APIs (Part 9)

image This screencast is an introduction to the Visual Library API. It builds on the concept covered in Part 8 of the screencast series: a scenario that calls for use of the Visual Library API.

Getting Started with JAX-WS Web Services

This tutorial shows how to use NetBeans IDE 6.5 to develop a JAX-WS web service and consume it in a Java class in a Java SE application, or in a servlet or JSP page.

C/C++ Remote Development Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to develop and compile a C or C++ application on a Solaris or Linux box from your laptop running Windows Vista? The answer is the new remote development functionality in the NetBeans IDE 6.5, covered in this tutorial.

Teach Yourself JavaFX Using Sample Projects in the NetBeans IDE

image The NetBeans IDE 6.5 for JavaFX comes with ready-to-build JavaFX sample projects. This screencast collection looks at the source code and shows how the demonstrated features are implemented.


Tech Tip: “Deploy on Build” Using JBoss Application Server

A time-saving shortcut from Varun Nischal. Also documented as a NetBeans Community Document.

Installing NetBeans 6.5 and the Wicket v1.4 Plugin

An introduction to developing Apache Wicket applications using the NetBeans IDE 6.5.

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