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Message from the NetBeans Team: Why NetBeans 6.7?

What is NetBeans 6.7 and why is it the next NetBeans release? Short answer: The NetBeans team wants to focus on smaller releases to deliver innovation and quality improvements to the community regularly. We're also a bit superstitious.... Read the entire message from the NetBeans Team.

Test Your NetBeans Knowledge, Win Free Service!

Take the Sun Developer Network Quiz to see how much you know about the NetBeans IDE. Answer the questions correctly for a chance to win one of 50 free service requests (Single question; Value: US$49) from the Developer Expert Assistance Program (DEA). Registration Required.


Exercise Your NetBeans Right to Vote!

Only a week left to cast your votes in the NetBeans Governance Board election. Voting is an opportunity to select fellow developers who will represent the interests of the NetBeans community-at-large. The nominees are:

  • Toni Epple
  • Ryan de Laplante
  • Fabrizio Giudici
  • Tonny Kohar
  • Kristian Rink
  • Tom Wheeler
Learn more about the nominees in their profiles, and then cast your votes! Voting runs through Monday, March 2 at midnight in the last time zone. The results and the new board will be announced March 9.


Introduction to Python in the NetBeans IDE

Get an introduction to using the NetBeans IDE with the Python programming language. This tutorial demonstrates how features of the IDE can best benefit Python programmers. Each section of the tutorial shows usages of Python and identifies features in the tool that can be used with Python projects.

Getting Started with Blu-ray Disc Java Applications

image Chihiro Saito, a Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) developer for Sun Microsystems, shows how you can run a pre-packaged BD-J application in a PC player or a consumer Blu-ray player. (Source files are located at BD Project Type, a NetBeans plugin, lets you create BD-J disc images.

SaaS in PHP: Yahoo News Service

NetBeans IDE supports Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in PHP. This tutorial shows how to use the IDE to insert SaaS operations into a PHP file.

Tech Tip: Quick Search in Treeviews in NetBeans

NetBeans user Hubert Klein Ikkink shows a useful feature in the IDE that lets you quickly find nodes in treeviews. Got a tip to share with the community? Submit it here.


Growing NetBeans Partner Ecosystem Provides More for Developers

Why are NetBeans Partners important? Their third-party support for the NetBeans IDE means more choices and features for the NetBeans community. Sun Microsystems and NetBeans are pleased to announce the inclusion of Visual Paradigm, Elixir, and Mobile Distillery into the NetBeans Partner Ecosystem. These alliances expand our support for modeling, business intelligence, and mobile application development.


New Debugger Features in NetBeans 6.7

Pro NetBeans author Adam Myatt writes about a new feature added to NetBeans 6.7: the ability to configure debugger settings in the Options window.

JavaFX (Script) and Why it is Intriguing

JavaFX Script is not just for designers. Adam Bien outlines ten reasons why Java developers ought to give it a try.

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