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New Localized Versions of NetBeans 6.5 Plugins Now Available!

The NetBeans Localization team is pleased to release a new multilingual version of the Auto Update Center plugins for NetBeans 6.5 into Japanese and Simplified Chinese. The localized plugins are: UML, Maven, BlueJ Project Support, JBuilder Project Importer, JMX, JConsole, Axis2 Support, Interactive UI Gestures Collector and Developer Collaboration. You can get the localized AUC modules in two ways:

  • Download and install the NetBeans IDE 6.5 ML. Go to the Help menu, select Check for Updates, and install the updated modules.
  • If you already have the NetBeans IDE installed, launch the IDE, go to the Help menu, select Check for Updates, and install the updated modules. The localized plugins can also be found under Tools -> Plugins -> Updates/Available Plugins.
Learn more about the NetBeans 6.5 Update Center Localization Project here, and get the complete status of the NetBeans 6.5 Update Center Modules here.


Screencast: RESTful Web Services Pet Catalog

image Carol Mcdonald shows how to build a Pet Catalog using RESTful Web Services, JAX-RS, dojo, MySQL and NetBeans IDE 6.5.

SaaS in PHP: Yahoo News Service

This tutorial shows how to use NetBeans IDE 6.5 to insert SaaS (Software as a Service) operations into a PHP file.

Tech Tip: NetBeans Output Window Font Too Small?

Changing the font size in the NetBeans Output Window is easy. Find out how in this quick tip from Tim Boudreau.


Student Integrates Google into NetBeans Tools Platform

NetBeans IDE is a platform for tools as demonstrated by Piotr Tabor, a student who has created a plugin that incorporates support for Google Protocol Buffers into the NetBeans IDE. This NetBeans Zone interview explains why he embarked on the project and what features his plugin provides.

Integrate JavaFX into NetBeans Java Projects

JavaFX is a scripting language. But how does it integrate with existing Java applications? In this NetBeans Zone article, you are shown how to code in Java using JavaFX and to integrate the result into a NetBeans Platform application.


Preparing Ruby on Rails Environment in NetBeans IDE

A multi-part blog entry that goes through the steps of setting up Ruby on Rails environment within the NetBeans IDE and developing projects.

Top 17 NetBeans Ruby and Rails Keyboard Shortcuts

Jeff Dwyer uses NetBeans for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In this blog entry, he writes about his favorite (and in his own words, "sexy") shortcuts in the NetBeans IDE. Print the page and keep it on hand; these shortcuts will speed up your work!

A Fix for JDK Update 12 and Server Registration Woes

Running into some problems registering application servers in the NetBeans IDE? Vince Kraemer has a workaround.

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