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Get NetBeans IDE 6.5 ML from the Chinese NetBeans Portal

The Chinese NetBeans portal ( now offers NetBeans IDE 6.5 ML for download! Chinese users, and especially university students, can expect increased download speeds via our portal. Download the Chinese localization of the NetBeans IDE now.


Get Things Done with Thinking Rock (Built on the NetBeans Platform)

A two-person development team in Australia has created a software application that helps you to get things done. We spoke to the lead developer of ThinkingRock, Jeremy Moore, to learn about his team's experience using the NetBeans Platform.

Importing Eclipse Projects into NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 6.5 introduces an enhanced Import Eclipse Project wizard. This wizard enables you to use NetBeans to work on Java desktop and web application projects that were created in Eclipse and MyEclipse. Once you have the project imported, you can use either the NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs to modify the project, or both!


Top Eight Non-Java Netbeans 6.5 Features

New to NetBeans? Dream Team member Adam Bien gives you an overview of his top 8 favorite NetBeans features–and he is not even counting the Java features!

A Look Back at NetCAT 6.5

NetBeans Dream Team Member Varun Nischal participated in the NetBeans Community Acceptance (NetCAT) program for the very first time. Read his blog if you are interested in his experience of being among the first to try and review upcoming features.


Working with JavaScript Toolkits in NetBeans IDE 6.5

image This screencast demonstrates how to work with JavaScript toolkits in the IDE. The first part shows how to add a toolkit that is registered with the IDE to a project; the second part shows how to register a new toolkit with the IDE.

Debugging Multithreaded Applications in NetBeans IDE

This document describes how to use the Debugging window in NetBeans IDE 6.5 to debug multithreaded applications. The tutorial also demonstrates how to use the IDE to detect deadlocks in an application.

PHP Support in NetBeans 6.5 (Part I & 2)

image In the first part of this new screencast series focused on NetBeans IDE 6.5 for PHP, you will learn about PHP project and run configurations. The second part is about basic editor features.

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