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Download NetBeans IDE 6.5 Release Candidate 2!

image The second Release Candidate of NetBeans IDE 6.5 is now available for download. The release is also multilingual—full downloads are available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. The final NetBeans IDE 6.5 release is planned for November 2008. Download the release candidate and provide your feedback in our 6.5 Community Acceptance Survey!

NetBeans IDE 6.5 RC2 Available in Community Languages

The NetBeans IDE 6.5 Release Candidate 2 can also be downloaded in six community languages—German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Albanian. Although the NetBeans IDE is not fully localized in these languages, the NetBeans Platform is, and users can build NetBeans RCP applications. Visit Masaki Katakai's blog for further details.


Webinar: Rapid Model Driven Development on NetBeans IDE

image Join Intelliun and NetBeans technology experts for an on-demand webinar on how the NetBeans IDE and Virtual Enterprise (VE), Intelliun’s Model Driven Development (MDD) platform, simplify development of web based application and web services by raising the level of abstraction and reducing the complexity in underlying technologies.


Importing Eclipse Projects into NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 6.5 introduces an enhanced Import Eclipse Project wizard that enables you to use NetBeans to work on Java desktop and web application projects that were created in Eclipse and MyEclipse. This tutorial gives an overview of Eclipse Import features in the NetBeans IDE.

Screencast: Top 10 NetBeans APIs (Part 1)

image Part 1 of a series of screencasts about the NetBeans Platform APIs. The series is useful for those new to the NetBeans APIs or seeking to understand how an application like the NetBeans IDE works. Part 1 covers typical Swing development problems that the NetBeans Platform solves, the runtime container, and the Module System API.

Performing Inserts, Updates, and Deletes

This tutorial shows you how to use the NetBeans IDE and JSF 1.2 (Woodstock) components to build a web application that can create, retrieve, update, and delete database rows. The application provides a drop-down list of master data along with a synchronized detail table.

Tech Tip: A Faster NetBeans

Speed up the NetBeans IDE with this community-contributed tip from Emmanuel Oga.


Porting a Sales System to the NetBeans Platform

In this NetBeans Zone interview, Aljoscha Rittner discusses how he ported a Swing application to the NetBeans Platform, the steps involved and tips for developers looking to carry out similar projects.


Converting Legacy Rails Apps to Grails: The Domain (Part 2)

The second installment in this series from Alex Kotchnev that covers a real world migration of a Rails application to Grails using the NetBeans IDE. Part two looks at the migration of domain objects, validation constraints, mapping into the Rails database.

Updating Jersey/REST Libraries in NetBeans IDE 6.1

Jersey is the reference implementation of JSR 311, the specification for creating RESTful web services on the Java platform. This blog entry shows how to update the Jersey library in NetBeans 6.1 to the latest version.

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