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10 Years of NetBeans: A Reflection and Birthday Greeting from Jonathan Schwartz

image We close the NetBeans 10th Birthday Celebration with a special interview with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz. He talks about why developers are important to Sun, looks back on how software development has changed over the last 10 years and why NetBeans matters to Sun and the industry.

Is NetBeans IDE 6.5 Ready for FCS? Tell Us!

image If you have already downloaded and tested the latest Release Candidate build of NetBeans IDE 6.5, we would like to know what you think. Participate in the NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey and tell us about your experience using the IDE. The survey will be opened till November 5th.

Patch4 for NetBeans IDE 6.1 Now Available

A new patch for NetBeans IDE 6.1 is now available. The patch includes fixes in modules for C/C++, Composite Application, Editing Files, WSDL and XML and Schema. To obtain the fixes, the NetBeans IDE must be installed and running. You can download the fixes through the IDE's Plugins Manager.

Test the NetBeans 6.5 Community Language Builds

image Daily builds for NetBeans 6.5 community languages are running and the translation team needs your help to test several localized builds. The language builds can be downloaded from the localized Update Center. Masaki Katakai's blog has additional details.


Demo: NetBeans IDE 6.5 JavaScript Debugger

Learn to debug server pages using the JavaScript Debugger in NetBeans IDE 6.5.

Transforming CallableSystemAction Into CookieAction

New to module development with NetBeans? Get a quickstart here and then tackle this tutorial which introduces NetBeans plugin development.

Groovy Makes Java Better

image The question is often asked: Can Groovy and Java interact? This demo shows how it's done in the NetBeans IDE.

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting NetBeans Startup

Having start-up trouble? The issue could be a missing JDK (Java Development Kit). This tech tip offers a quick way to reinstall the JDK.


Mojarra 2.0 EDR2 Now Available - Try Them with GlassFish v3 & NetBeans 6.5

Arun Gupta's 50th tip-of-the-day guides you through the steps of installing the Mojarra bits on GlassFish v3 Prelude and shows how to use them with NetBeans IDE 6.5.

Converting Legacy Rails Apps to Grails with NetBeans IDE

This is the first article in a series from NetBeans Dream Team-er Alex Kotchnev describing the migration of a Rails application to Grails using NetBeans IDE. This first installment covers the general project issues, and highlights the similarities and differences between a Rails and a Grails project inside the tool.

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