NetBeans Day Seoul, South Korea - October 17

image NetBeans Day Seoul is less than two weeks away and seats are filling up fast! Register now to be a part of the NetBeans Deep Dive on October 17. The day will offer a preview of enhanced support for scripting languages such as PHP and Groovy in NetBeans 6.5, web application development with Javascript, and more. Attend and network with the NetBeans team and other developers. Registration is FREE.

Project News

NetBeans 6.5 Localization Plugins Available!

Good news for NetBeans Translation Teams: Localization plugins are now available for NetBeans 6.5! With a few clicks it is now possible to get the latest changes committed by translation communities to the Mercurial repository. Additional details can be found on Masaki Katakai's blog and the NetBeans French blog.


Q&A with Lorent Foret, IvyBeans Developer & Innovators Silver Award Winner

Developer Lorent Foret's IvyBeans project nabbed a silver medal award in the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest. In this interview, discover how he used the NetBeans IDE for his project, his reaction to his win, and plans for his windfall.

Cross Your T's, Dot Your I's - Guidelines for NetBeans Community Contributions

Since its inception the NetBeans Community Docs has amassed an impressive 220 community-authored tutorials, and the contributions continue to flow in! Do you have a tutorial to submit? The program now has a style guide to help get your tutorials in perfect form to be published on and read by the community. Check it out.

Many thanks to Catherine Pawlick, a Sun Microsystems editor based in St. Petersburg, Russia, for creating the guidelines.


Enhancing a Structured Document Using jQuery

Learn to enhance the usability and appearance of structured web documents using the jQuery JavaScript library in the NetBeans IDE.

Understanding Scope and Managed Beans

Develop a web application using the NetBeans IDE 6.5's Visual Web functionality that demonstrates the request scope, session scope, and application scope of a web application.

Converting and Validating Web Application Data

In this tutorial validate web application input against specified criteria and convert data between two formats using Visual Web JSF coverters and validators.

Tech Tip: NetBeans Platform Ant-based Build System Trick

The flexibility of the NetBeans Platform's Apache Ant-based build system allows developers many leeways. Take advantage of this flexibility with a tech tip from Tonny Kohar that overrides the build-zip ant target to let you add your own files.


Playing with SVG Rich Components in NetBeans Mobility 6.5

NetBeans Visual Mobile Designer Karol Harezlak gives a visual (could it be anything else?) overview of a few new features in NetBeans Mobility 6.5.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Compile On Save

Compile on Save in NetBeans 6.5: What it is and what it is not. The NetBeans Quality Assurance team blog links to documents that have answers and that clear up any confusion about if Compile on Save is for you.

Feedback Needed: and DB Schema Management

NetBeans 6.5 is around the corner, but we're already looking ahead to the next big release. David Van Couvering is conducting research on database tooling in and would like feedback from users about Schema Management. Get more details from his blog.

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