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image Where will you find the NetBeans World Tour in the coming months? Connecting with developers in Asia! Look out for the NetBeans Team in South Korea, China, Japan and Singapore as part of Sun Tech Days. Join us on October 17 in Seoul for a deep dive into what's new and cool with NetBeans IDE 6.5. Registration for NetBeans Day is always FREE, but seating is limited. Register now!

Project News

Dream Projects Become Reality - Innovators Grant Contest Winners!

Eight months and 170-plus proposals later, the NetBeans Team is proud to officially announce the winners of the NetBeans Innovators Grant Contest. 13 innovative developers will share a cash prize of USD $127,500 for successfully completing their dream projects. The NetBeans Team and Community congratulate all the developers for their outstanding work! Learn more about the winning projects and read Sun's press release.

NetBeans Innovators Grant Contest - Selecting 13 Innovators

image How did we whittle over 170 cool project proposals down to 13 winners for the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest? In this podcast interview, NetBeans Technical Community Manager Jirka Kovalsky gives an overview of the contest, from initial submissions to the final decisions.

Ready for Translation: New NetBeans 6.5 Localization Kit

A notice for NetBeans community members working on translations for NetBeans 6.5: A new L10N (Localization) kit is ready for your translation efforts. Language teams working with an older kit will need to update or regenerate some files. Please consult the NetBeans 6.5 L10N wiki.

Interested in localizing for NetBeans? Become a member of the Translation Project!


Introduction to the Struts Web Framework

A brief guide to creating a web application using the Struts framework in NetBeans IDE 6.1. Struts enable you to create maintainable, extensible, and flexible web applications based on standard technologies, such as JSP pages, JavaBeans, resource bundles, and XML.

Your First Project with IT Mill Toolkit in NetBeans IDE 6.1

IT Mill Toolkit is an open-source Java framework for creating RIAs in Java. It introduces a server-side widget model together with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) client-side APIs to simplify the programming of rich and secure web applications. With this tutorial create your first IT Mill Toolkit project using NetBeans IDE 6.1.

Creating a CSS-Based Fixed Page Layout

Learn how to use the NetBeans IDE Visual Web JSF framework to create a CSS-based fixed page layout. Use different Layout Panels and other HTML elements from the palette to complete the layout for your page.

Tech Tip: Using NetBeans GUI Builder and Eclipse in Parallel

Already running a project on Eclipse but want to take advantage of NetBeans's Swing GUI Builder? This quick and easy tip from Moritz Petersen shows how to integrate the two platforms.


Customizing the NetBeans Platform Main Window: When & How

Are you developing an application on the NetBeans Platform? You've probably discovered by now that the NetBeans Window System is cool and easy to reuse, but did you know that it's just like a JFrame? Geertjan Wielenga offers some tips about what you can do with it.

Create a WordPress Theme with NetBeans PHP IDE

Toni Epple jazzes up his WordPress blog by creating a new layout theme using the PHP support in NetBeans IDE 6.5.

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