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image Welcome to the Sun Tech Days in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Join us on October 1 for a NetBeans Deep Dive! Registration for the NetBeans Day is free of charge, you do not have to be registered for the Sun Tech Days to attend.


Ted Neward, Tim Boudreau, and Geertjan Wielenga Talk About the NetBeans Platform

Ted Neward interviews Tim Boudreau and Geertjan Wielenga about the NetBeans Platform. In part 1, they introduce us to plugin development which, it turns out, is "ridiculously easy". Click the second preview icon to see part 2 and learn more about building Swing applications on top of the NetBeans Platform, and the book they co-authored with Jaroslav Tulach, called "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform".

Featured Language Community of the Week: Chinese

NetBeans developers are a diverse bunch of individuals, working in multiple programming languages and speaking even more tongues. Where do users from all over the globe exchange programming tips and offer each other support?
Find out in the coming weeks as we spotlight some of the popular foreign language portals, forums, blogs and mailing lists devoted to or related to the use of the NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform. This week, we compiled a list of sites favored by Chinese-speaking developers.


NetBeans IDE for PHP: Working With Class Property Variables

In this screencast, Petr Pisl shows you simple application to demo how the PHP support in the NetBeans IDE 6.5 handles class property variables, and you will also see other editor features. Switch to full-screen mode to see more details.

Integrating Java EE 5, JBPM, JBoss Seam, Netbeans and Glassfish V2

jBPM is a workflow engine by JBoss that allows you to control processes by responding to trigger events and executing tasks. This blog shows how to import the JBoss "todo" example application as a NetBeans project and how to run it on the Glassfish v2 web server.


Creating A Simple JavaFX Application Using NetBeans IDE

This tutorial gives you a quick tour of JavaFX application development using NetBeans IDE 6.1. After you have completed this tutorial, you will know how to create, preview, run, and deploy JavaFX applications using the NetBeans IDE.

Introduction to Ajax Features in NetBeans IDE 6.5

This introduction to Ajax demonstrates some of the features in the NetBeans IDE that allow you to program faster and more efficiently when working with Ajax-related technologies. While learning about the low-level functionality of Ajax, you build a simple application that employs auto-completion in a text field.

Securing a Web Application in NetBeans IDE 6.5

This document takes you through the basics of adding security to a web application that is deployed to either the Tomcat server or the Sun Java System Application Server. You learn how to configure security authentication using a login window and setting up users with security roles on the web server.

Tech Tip: Code Template Backup

NetBeans lets you define custom templates that insert blocks of code. You then type a convenient abbreviation and it expands to the actual code snippet. In this tech tip, Kristian Rink shows you how you can restore your custom templates in a different installation of the IDE.

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