NetBeans World Tour Kicks Off in Sao Paulo! (October 1)

image A new season of the NetBeans World Tour is less than three weeks away! On October 1, the tour will kick off in vibrant Sao Paulo, Brazil, and touch down in 11 destinations. Is your city on the list? Visit the World Tour page for upcoming locations and dates, registration information, and a peek at this year's agenda.

Celebrate Software Freedom Day with NetBeans! (September 20)

On September 20, celebrate the virtues of free and open source software in the annual Software Freedom Day (SFD)! As a successful open source project, NetBeans is proud to be a part of SFD, and we encourage our community members to take part in this global celebration by hosting local events on their campuses, with their user groups and more. To help members' events, we are offering a limited number of free t-shirts and DVDs! Find out how to get your supplies now!

NetBeans @ ZendCon and Web 2.0 Expo (September16-18)

NetBeans is coming to conferences near you! NetBeans team members will be on hand at ZendCon in Santa Clara, California (September 16-17), and at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City (September 16-18). Look for us in the Exhibitors' Halls of both conferences where we will present demos of upcoming features and support in NetBeans 6.5.

Project News

Project OpenESB to Graduate to Open Source with Commercial Support

Project OpenESB is an Open Source project that is building an ESB that consists of both a runtime and a design time tooling based completely on NetBeans. In the last few years, OpenESB has made important contributions to the NetBeans IDE, for example, the WSDL editor, the CASA editor, the BPEL editor, and more. GlassFish ESB, the first milestone of a commercially supported binary distribution, is now available. The distribution includes NetBeans and adds extra components, such as JAXB based code seeding, a JCA wizard, and more, that are not available in the IDE's standard downloads.


NetBeans Podcast 46 - Getting NetBeans 6.5 Release-Ready

image Listen to NetBeans Podcast 46 and mark your calendars. Why? The release of NetBeans 6.5 and the start of the NetBeans World Tour are just weeks away! Geertjan Wielenga and Lloyd Dunn talk to various NetBeans team members to bring you the latest news from the community.


NetBeans Platform Tutorial: Implementing Code Completion Features

A short guide to using the Editor Code Completion API. In this tutorial, when the user invokes the code completion feature in an HTML file, a code completion box will appear, displaying words that can complete the text typed in the editor.

Creating a CRUD with JSF and Ajax Using NetBeans 6.5 Beta

Developer Paulo Canedo shows in this blog-tutorial how to create a simple CRUD application using the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta with JSF, JPA and Ajax technologies.

Using Java Libraries in Rails Applications

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Java API in Rails applications. You use the FreeTTS speech synthesis Java libraries to enable users to listen to blog posts.

SaaS: Consuming Facebook Services in Web Applications

This tutorial shows how to consume Facebook Software as a Service (SaaS) services in web applications using NetBeans IDE 6.1. The document concentrates on setting up the complex User Login authentication mechanism used by Facebook and Flickr.


NetBeans 6.1 Now Available in the OpenSolaris Package Repository

NetBeans IDE 6.1 has made its way into the OpenSolaris package repository. Brian Leonard writes about how easy it is now to install NetBeans 6.1 on OpenSolaris.

Repairing NetBeans Support for Java Code after a JDK Reinstallation

A useful tip from George Birbilis if you accidentally uninstall the JDK for NetBeans IDE, reinstall but still cannot load Java projects.

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