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Demo: JavaFX Designer-Developer Workflow

image Project Nile, a component of the JavaFX SDK Preview Release, includes export plugins for Adobe products that developers can apply to their JavaFX applications. In this video, User Experience Designer Jeff Hoffman explains how to integrate Project Nile's graphic assets into a JavaFX Application.

Demo: PHP in NetBeans IDE 6.5

image NetBeans Engineer Petr Pisl demonstrates PHP support in NetBeans IDE 6.5 by guiding viewers through setting up WordPress sources as a NetBeans project and writing a simple plugin for WordPress. The plugin will look through the content of displayed blog entries to replace the word "NetBeans" with a link to the site.


SaaS in PHP: Yahoo News Service Tutorial

NetBeans IDE 6.5 supports Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in PHP. Using the Yahoo News Search service as an example, this guide demonstrates the NetBeans IDE's SaaS PHP support.

Combining Groovy, Grails, MySQL, and the Java Persistence API

How much is that doggie in the window?.... In this tutorial, learn to use the Groovy language, the Grails framework, the MySQL database, and the Java Persistence API to create an online catalog application for a listing of pets.

Best Practices with JPA and Beans Binding

NetBeans GUI Builder provides support for JSR 295 Beans Binding. This document examines a few best practices when using NetBeans's binding support.

Tech Tip: Communication Between JFrame Panels

You have two JFrames in your application. When a button is pressed in Frame A you want a message to appear in Frame B. How do you implement this? Joseph Cotton's tech tip shows you how to make two frames communicate.


Liang Ye's Solo Effort: Translating the NetBeans RCP Book into Chinese

NetBeans Platform developers in China have a special treat coming soon to a bookstore near them. The NetBeans Platform book, "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform", has been translated into Chinese! The translation is the work of Liang Ye, a developer and Sun employee in China. Read on for why and how he got started.


A Personal Data Storage Application With Embedded Java DB

A simple-but-cool blog entry from Patrick Keegan: Using the NetBeans IDE to create a simple desktop application that stores information about your personal music collection. The instructions employ Java DB, Beans Binding library and the Java Persistence API.

Project SocialSite - Enabling Social Network in your Application

This screencast shows how to add social networking features such as Friends, Activities, Profile and an OpenSocial-compliant gadget to your application using NetBeans IDE.

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