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Ask the Experts Transcript: JavaFX Preview

What does the 'tween' keyword do? Why did the JavaFX language designers favor multiple inheritance over interfaces? Can you mix Swing and graphics components in JavaFX? Read the answers to these and a wide variety of other questions in the transcript of the recently-held Ask the Experts session on the JavaFX Preview.


Community Docs Program Reaches Milestone: 200 (and counting!)

The Community Docs program has attracted more than 80 NetBeans enthusiasts to provide over 200 tutorials, screencasts, and other learning materials, written by the community for the community. Hear about the people behind it, and how it all started.

Russian Java Instructor?

Are you a Russian Java instructor? Andrei Dmitriev has made available many slide presentations for anyone wishing to teach Java (and NetBeans) in Russian. Feel free to use them in the classroom with your own students!

It Takes a Community to Write Good Software

The Dream Team, quality testing, plugin verificaton, mailing list moderation – How do NetBeans community members and the NetBeans engineers work together, and what's in it for you?


Jaroslav Tulach talks about Practical API Design

Lead API architect Jaroslav "Yarda" Tulach introduces his new book and shares some insights relating to API design. Where can you learn more? You can get the first chapter, The Art of Building Modern Software, FREE from APress! Also, in every upcoming episode of the monthly NetBeans Podcast, Yarda will share another API design tip.


Top 10 NetBeans Platform 6.5 Features

Geertjan Wielanga gives you an overview of the top 10 new features in the NetBeans 6.5 Platform. The Platform is the infrastructure that underpins NetBeans IDE, as well as many other similar large modular Swing applications, hence this blog entry isn’t applicable to NetBeans IDE only.

Getting started with Prado in NetBeans IDE

PRADO (PHP Rapid Application Development, Object-oriented) is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5. Read more about how Petr Pisl creates a Hello Word application based on the Prado framework in the NetBeans IDE.


NetBeans IDE 6.5 Tech Tip: Compile on Save

This screencast demonstrates the Compile on Save feature that has been introduced in NetBeans IDE 6.5. Save time by making incremental changes to your application and test-running those changes without rebuilding and redeploying the whole application.

Hello JavaServer Faces World with NetBeans and GlassFish

In his blog Arun Gupta shows how to create a simple Java Server Faces application using NetBeans IDE 6.1. It covers creating a JSF application, populating a JSF widget with a Managed Bean, using a Persistence Unit with JSF widgets, navigation rules between multiple pages, simple error validation messages, and injecting a bean into another class.

Hibernate Demo for NetBeans IDE 6.1 and 6.5

Check out the NetBeans Hibernate support in this screencast. We go through creating POJOs, mapping the POJOs to the database using Hibernate mapping files, then displaying the data in a JSF web application created with Visual Web designer.

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