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NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta Now Available

image NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta introduces several new features, including a robust IDE for PHP, JavaScript debugging for Firefox and IE, and support for Groovy and Grails. This release also includes a number of enhancements for Java, Ruby and Rails, and C/C++ development. Java feature highlights include: built-in support for Hibernate, Eclipse project import, and compile on save.

THIS WEEK: Ask the Experts about the JavaFX Preview

The recently released JavaFX Preview is designed to help early adopters become familiar with JavaFX. Got a question about the JavaFX Preview? Post it this week, starting today (Monday, August 18th) and get answers from three key members of Sun's JavaFX engineering team: Joshua Marinacci, Martin Brehovsky and Lawrence McDonough!

Portal Pack 2.0.1 ML Now Available

Portal Pack 2.0.1 is available for download. Highlights of this release include:

  • Public Render Parameter support in Eventing Story Board
  • JSF portlet bridge 1.2.3 library
  • Bug fixes
  • Support for English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese languages.
The plugin can also be downloaded from the NetBeans 6.1 Auto Update Center.


NEW! NetBeans Support Forums

Web or Mail? Your choice! is proud to announce our new NetBeans Community Forums. These forums are synchronized with the most widely-used NetBeans Mailing Lists: This means for example, a comment posted on the "NetBeans Users" forum will also appear on the nbusers mailing list, and vice versa. Happy posting!

NetBeans Software in Your Language

This week, the NetBeans translatedfiles project started with the translation of NetBeans IDE 6.5. Please join the project if you're interested in localizing the NetBeans Platform into your language!


Getting Started with OpenLaszlo and NetBeans IDE

image OpenLaszlo is a Flash-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) web framework. Sotohiro Terashima's screencast shows you how to install the OpenLaszlo Plugin and create a new OpenLaszlo-based web application.

Lightweight UI Toolkit: Desktop Development for Java ME

LWUIT is an advanced Java ME library to develop powerful interfaces that avoid lcdui Form's constrains and don't reinvent the wheel. In this series of articles, Ibon Urrutia shows you how to develop a simple but complete application demonstrating different capabilities from this library.

Editor Code Completion API Tutorial

In this tutorial Geertjan explains how NetBeans Platform developers can implement MIME-specific support for code completion in their own applications.

Creating an Ajax Application with

Learn how to create, retrieve, update, and delete database rowsets with the NetBeans IDE 6 and, a set of JavaScript libraries to enhance the user interface of web sites.


Download a FREE ChartFX 7 Developer License by August 31!

Chart FX 7 for Java features a zero footprint, fully-interactive UI thanks to a framework-independent implementation of AJAX. By combining Chart FX and NetBeans, developers are now able to utilize the 500+ properties and dynamic features, from contextual menus and toolbars to advanced business dashboards that combine charts, gauges and maps for a rich, interactive experience. Download your FREE ChartFX 7 Developer License by August 31!

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