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Download the NetBeans Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) GUI Plugin

A new version of the NetBeans DTrace GUI plugin is ready for download from the NetBeans Update Center. Some new features and highlights in this release include:

  • Chime (the DTrace output visualization) embedded into the NetBeans DTrace GUI Plugin
  • A new & enhanced UI
  • Works with NetBeans IDE 6.0, 6.1, and the upcoming 6.5 release
Learn more at the NetBeans DTrace GUI Plugin Page.

Ask the Experts: JavaFX Preview (August 18 - 22)

The recently released JavaFX Preview is designed to help early adopters become familiar with JavaFX. Got a question about the JavaFX Preview? Post it starting Monday, August 18th and get answers from three key members of Sun's JavaFX engineering team: Joshua Marinacci, Martin Brehovsky and Lawrence McDonough.

Help Translate the Upcoming NetBeans 6.5!

The groundwork for translating the upcoming NetBeans 6.5 release starts this week! From August 11, the NetBeans Localization and Translation community will begin translations centered around 6.5. To join this effort, to the mailing list, introduce yourself, and meet others interested in translating NetBeans software. Your work will help efforts to make the NetBeans project accessible to developers worldwide!


Upload and Test Your Mobile Apps with DeviceAnywhere's Free 10-Hour Trial!

DeviceAnywhere's integration with the NetBeans IDE allows mobile Java developers to access first-rate solutions for developing and testing Java-based mobile applications. To celebrate its partnership with NetBeans, DeviceAnywhere is doubling its free trial - from five to 10 hours! This is an exclusive offer to NetBeans users. Through this extended free trial, developers can remotely perform all testing on real devices - from the convenience of their own desktops.

Webinar: Maximizing Collaboration with NetBeans and Codebeamer

Join Intland Software, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and NetBeans technology experts for an on-demand Webinar on how the USDA used Intland's Application Life cycle Management (ALM) product, Codebeamer, and the NetBeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) to build a collaborative environment for scientific research.


NetBeans Podcast Episode 45

In this episode of the podcast, get Lloyd Dunn's full length interview with Python's Ted Leung, recorded after Leung's appearance at OSCON. Other goodies include a short chat with NetBeans User Researcher Jakub Franc, a new API Design tip from Jaroslav Tulach, a NetBeans project and plugin of the month, and as always: the NetBeans Puzzler.


Nandini Ramani Introduces the JavaFX Preview SDK

image Engineering Director Nandini Ramani introduces JavaFX Preview SDK and shows how to use NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX to run samples and create an application.

Using Spring 2 and Facelets Together with NetBeans 6.1

A community contribution from Siegfried Bolz - Learn to use Spring Web Framework with NetBeans Facelets Plugin in the NetBeans 6.1 IDE.

Creating a Custom Java Desktop Database Application

This tutorial guides you through the creation of a complete Java desktop database application that enables its user to browse and edit customer records and purchase history. The tutorial shows how to customize IDE-generated code to interact with multiple related database tables. The resulting application includes a main view for browsing customer records and history, a search function, separate dialog boxes for adding and editing records.

End-to-End Web Service Tutorial: Mobile Dilbert Application

Use the NetBeans IDE to create a mobile client application that consumes a web service. The application fetches the daily Dilbert comic strip via a live on-line web service, converts the graphics to a space-saving format, and displays the strip on a mobile device.

Tech Tip: NetBeans Installer Command Line Options

A useful reference from NetBeans's Installer team - a table of NetBeans Installer Command Line options, with examples and descriptions for the listed options.

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