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Download JavaFX Preview SDK

JavaFX Preview SDK is a preview release of the JavaFX platform. Aimed at web scripters and early adopters, it gives a preview of the runtime and tools needed to create amazing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on the Java(TM) platform. The bundled release includes the Preview SDK, NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX, Project Nile, and Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 Beta.

Getting Started with JavaFX Technology

image Get started with JavaFX technology with this tutorial that covers how to download and install the NetBeans IDE with JavaFX support. It also covers how to start the IDE and run a sample application.


May the Source Be with You! Learning Java with the JEDI Program

Rom Feria, the inspiring leader of Sun's Java Education & Development Initiative (JEDI) Project in the Philippines, is interviewed about the project and its direction.

NetBeans Dream Team Gains 18 New Members

image The NetBeans Dream Team, our community-driven group of highly skilled NetBeans users, now has 18 new members! Visit the Dream Team's page to learn who the newbies are and discover how their outstanding enthusiasm helps to move the community forward.


Working With Form Tags in the JSF Framework

The third installment in the jAstrologer series of JSF tutorials demonstrates how to use JSF tags in NetBeans IDE 6.x to create select boxes and dropdown lists in forms and page navigation.

Installing the Project Dynamic Faces Ajax Components & Samples Plugin

Learn to download and install the Project Dynamic Faces Ajax Components and Samples, which includes the Dynamic Faces component library 0.2 and the Currency Trader sample application.

Getting Started with JMX Monitoring in NetBeans IDE

Get a short introduction to using JMX technology in the NetBeans IDE. The NetBeans JMX Module integrates JMX technology into your workflow in the IDE and allows you to quickly develop management applications, add management to existing applications, develop manager applications, and monitor the state of the Virtual Machine.

Tech Tip: Reload Classes While Debugging

In this tech tip, Varun Nischal points out the Apply Code Changes button. Modify a class while the debugger is running and NetBeans allows you to reload that class and continue debugging.


Start Your Engines - Josh Marinacci on JavaFX

JavaFX developer Josh Marinacci waxes philosophic about creating rich user experiences with JavaFX technology. Look to his blog in the coming months for tips and tricks about working with JavaFX.

NetBeans 6.5 M1: GlassFish v3 + Rails

Arun Gupta's entry shows improved support for Rails development & deployment in NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1.

Hudson as a Tool for Testing? Yes!

Tomas Musil writes about the NetBeans QE team's use of Hudson to test their infrastructure.

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