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Create a Mobile App with the NetBeans IDE for Sprint's Instinct Contest

Sprint recently announced the Instinct Java Developer Contest, its first ever developer competition and focused solely around the Samsung Instinct touch-screen phone. Quick start guides are available, including one for developing with Sprint's WTK and the NetBeans IDE! Read the tutorial and get started for a chance to win $25,000! The contest deadline is August 29. Good luck!

Download DZone's Reference Card for NetBeans IDE 6.1's Java Editor

A cheat-sheet for getting as much as you can out of the NetBeans IDE's Java Editor, this latest Dzone RefCardz lists all the keyboard shortcuts and provides a thorough exposition of optimal handling of Java code in the editor, covering viewing, navigation, source handling, and refactoring. Get your NetBeans IDE 6.1 Java Editor RefCardz today!

OpenLaszlo Plugin for NetBeans IDE Available

OpenLaszlo is a Flash-based Rich Internet Application web framework that allows developers to build RIA applications using XML and JavaScript without any knowledge of Flash. The OpenLaszlo plugin for the NetBeans IDE comes bundled with the OpenLaszlo 4.1.1 library and includes sample applications, templates, .lzx file support, and more. The plugin works with NetBeans IDE 5.5.1, 6.0 and 6.1.


Teaching with the NetBeans IDE - Introduction to Programming

Introduce the next generation of developers to programming with the NetBeans IDE! "Introduction to Programming" is a course created by a team of Java instructors in the Philippines. The course outline, teacher's manual, student's manual, and all related NetBeans projects are available for download from the NetBeans in Education site.

If you teach and have similar materials to share with other instructors, send a note to the NetBeans in Education . A wish list of ideas is also available for the site or for topics for which you would like to see teaching materials.


SaaS (Software as a Service): Zillow Tutorial

NetBeans IDE 6.1 provides a Web Services Manager that supports Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Learn to work with api-key authenticated SaaS RESTful services in this tutorial featuring Zillow is a Washington-based online real estate service company that allows users to see the value of millions of homes across the United States.

Validating and Converting User Input with the JSF Framework

This tutorial, the second installment in the jAstrologer JSF tutorials, demonstrates using JavaServer Faces framework in the NetBeans IDE to create the jAstrologer web application. It also shows how to validate form data and to create custom error messages.

Getting Started with Grails in the NetBeans IDE

Check out a new tutorial on the Grails site that visually steps you through creating the "Book" demo in NetBeans IDE 6.5, which is also the official "Hello World" demo on the Grails site.

NetBeans CDC Development Quick Start Guide

Get a quick introduction to creating Java Platform, Micro Edition, Connected Device Configuration applications with the NetBeans IDE. The project in this tutorial displays a simple form in a device emulator for the three available profiles.


Get to Know the Icons in the NetBeans IDE

New features appear in the NetBeans IDE's daily builds. But how do you tell what they are and do? Icons on a node now come with text descriptions. Check out screenshots in this entry from the NetBeans Core QA team blog.

Creating a MySQL Persistence Unit Using NetBeans IDE

Arun Gupta's blog entry shows how to create a Persistence Unit (PU) for a MySQL database using the NetBeans IDE. This PU can then be used in any of Java EE artifacts (JSP, Servlet, EJB, etc.) for database interaction.

RESTful Web Services in 60 Seconds

Set your timer. Meera Subbarao, from Stelligent Inc, writes about her experiences creating, deploying and testing RESTful web services in the NetBeans IDE.

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