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Help Test the Eclipse Project Importer for NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 1

Due to many requests, the Eclipse Project Importer has been improved and is now part of the standard distribution in NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1. If you work in mixed-IDE teams and have colleagues using Eclipse, we encourage you to try to import Eclipse projects and provide feedback about the experience by:

    Filing an issue; select component 'ide' and subcomponent 'eclipse project import'. Or
    Writing to the nbusers alias with "Eclipse Project Importer" in the subject line.


Ibon Urrutia - Building Mobile Apps with TagsMe, No Java Required

TagsME is an application development platform for portable devices. TagsMe's GUI editor, built on the NetBeans Platform by Java developer and NetBeans Dream Team member Ibon Urrutia, requires no knowledge of Java to get started with creating mobile apps.

Building the NetBeans Docs Community

In this article, NetBeans Community Docs Manager James Branam writes about the start of the Community Docs program, its members and recent accomplishments, and what to expect in the future.


Shapes, Binding and Animation in JavaFX and NetBeans

image JavaFX makes working with graphics and animation super easy. And thanks to the new NetBeans plugin you can build rich graphics interactively. In this quick demo by Josh Marinacci, learn the basics of creating shapes, binding to variables, and simple rollover animations.

What's Your Sign? - Introduction to the JavaServer Faces Framework

This tutorial, the first in a series, demonstrates the fundamentals of using the JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework to code web applications in the NetBeans IDE. You create a web application called jAstrologer that takes a user's name and birthday and returns information such as the user's zodiac sign, birthstone, and horoscope.

Creating & Consuming RESTful Web Service jMaki Components

You can reuse RESTful client stubs in multiple web applications by wrapping the stub in jMaki components, also called a jMaki widget. This tutorial shows you how to create and consume jMaki components built from RESTful Web services projects in NetBeans IDE.

Installing & Configuring Ruby Support in NetBeans IDE

Learn to download, install and configure the Ruby support for the NetBeans 6.1 IDE.


Ten Great Features in the NetBeans IDE

Community member Zach Elko showcases his list of ten helpful and cool features in the NetBeans IDE, and illustrates with superb visuals from a C++ project.


Groovy in NetBeans - Inplace Rename

Martin Adamek's blog is a good stop for updates about Groovy support in NetBeans IDE 6.5. In this blog entry (and a few more to come) he gives a summary of interesting features available in the IDE.

Good idea: Java and Groovy with NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 1

This blog describes the benefits of using the NetBeans IDE to mix Groovy and Java, a completely intuitive process with no worries about build scripts and library management.

NetBeans as an IDE for Developing MySQL

Kaj Arno, MySQL's community Veep, posts about the technical advantages of using the NetBeans IDE to learn and code MySQL.

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