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NetBeans to Support Python - Join the NBPython Project!

At last week's EuroPython conference, Sun Microsystems announced that the NetBeans IDE will support Python and Jython in future releases. The NBPython Project is up and running, led by developer Allan Davis. Request membership to join the project or to contribute. Sun has also launched a Python Developer Center.

Released: Patch2 for NetBeans IDE 6.1

A new patch is now available for NetBeans IDE 6.1 in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese languages. To obtain the fixes, the NetBeans IDE must be installed and running. Download the fixes through the IDE's Plugins Manager.


NetBeans 6.1 Highest Rated in InfoWorld's Review of Ruby on Rails IDEs!

When it comes to Ruby on Rails development, the NetBeans IDE stands at the head of the class! In InfoWorld's recent comparative review of nine Ruby on Rails IDEs, NetBeans IDE 6.1 scored 9.0 out 10 and was rated "Excellent" by writer Martin Heller.

"If you already use NetBeans for Java and/or C/C++ development, then it should probably be your top choice as a Rails IDE as well. Delivering strong editing and navigation along with good debugging and profiling, it's a very capable and highly integrated Rails IDE. And it's free.”


NetBeans Podcast 44 - Introducing 6.5 Milestone 1

Get details of NetBeans IDE 6.5's first milestone release and its expanding support for dynamic scripting languages such as PHP. Discover Project VisualVM and pick up an API design tip from NetBeans creator Jaroslav Tulach.


Building Relationships Between Rails Models

The Ruby on Rails framework has a powerful model subframework known as Active Record which analyzes the database schema and automatically provides most of the methods needed to work with data. Learn to use Active Record methods to specify the one-to-many relationship between two model classes.

Tutorial de NetBeans Visual Library en Español!

The NetBeans Visual Library API tutorial is now available in Spanish. A big thanks to NetBeans Dream Team member Aristides Villarreal Bravo for the translation!

Learn about translating NetBeans tutorials and documentation.

Screencast: Embedded Derby & Bean Binding in NetBeans IDE

This community-contributed tutorial demonstrates how to use embedded derby and bean binding in the NetBeans IDE.

Introduction to Facelets - Guess a Number App

Get the basics of using the JavaServer Faces View Definition Framework, more commonly known as "Facelets", in the NetBeans IDE. The tutorial produces a simple Facelets application that prompts users for a number.


New PHP Project Wizard & More Updates to PHP Support in NetBeans

The NetBeans PHP team welcomes and acts on community feedback about the IDE's PHP support. Recent comments on the team's blog have led to changes to the project wizard, code completion and semantic coloring.

Community Docs' EclipseToNetBeans Migration Project

Last year, the Community Docs team started the EclipseToNetBeans project to show that migrating to NetBeans could happen smoothly. In this blog entry, the team reports that its Eclipse Project Importer plugin has been enhanced with more features.

Generic Web Page Designer for NetBeans, Anyone?

Winston Prakash wants to know: "Are NetBeans users really interested in a Web Page Designer or am I just wasting my time?" Prakash is working on a proposal for a generic Web Page Designer that has no framework restriction.

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