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Download NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1! is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1. The release's noteworthy features include integration of PHP features into the NetBeans IDE, first-time support for Groovy, enhancements to the Database and Debugger features, and more! Visit our New and Noteworthy page for additional details about these and other features.

The final NetBeans IDE 6.5 release is planned for Fall 2008. We welcome and encourage feedback about your experience using the NetBeans IDE. Visit our mailing lists or post a blog entry!

Video: PHP Editor in NetBeans IDE 6.5

image Roman Strobl demonstrates the new features available for PHP development in NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1. The PHP Editor in the new release supports all standard features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, mark occurrences, refactoring, code templates, documentation pop-up, code navigation, editor warnings and task list.


Interview with the PHP Development Team Bloggers

NetBeans's PHP Development team has been hard at work implementing features in the IDE for PHP developers. Along the way, the team members started a blog to document their work. Meet two of them: Jan Chalupa and Petr Pisl, in this interview in which they discuss what NetBeans has to offer PHP developers.

NetBeans Weekly Tips on NetBeans Zone

The more shortcuts for working in the NetBeans IDE the better. New on the NetBeans TaT scene: a weekly tip series from Harris Goldstone on NetBeans Zone. Check them out and give Goldstone feedback.


Make Your Plugins & Apps Compatible with NetBeans Platform 6.1

When a new version of the NetBeans Platform is released, applications and plugins built on older versions should work—in theory. To be sure, developers typically verify that their products are still compatible with updated versions of the API. Earlier this year, a group of partner companies and developers did just that for applications built on the NetBeans Platform. This article presents the results.

10 Great Features in the NetBeans IDE

Community member Zach Elko showcases his list of 10 helpful and cool features in the NetBeans IDE. He illustrates with superb visuals from a C++ project, though the case could be made with other languages that the NetBeans IDE supports.


NetBeans IDE PHP Learning Trail

With the release of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1, PHP features are now integrated into the IDE. Visit the PHP Learning Trail page for a basic start at developing PHP applications in the NetBeans IDE.

Connecting Development Teams with Intland's codeBeamer

image In this interview with Janos Koppany, the CEO of Intland Software, learn how codeBeamer, which is fully integrated with the NetBeans IDE, is changing the way distributed teams work together.

Creating Axis Web Services in the NetBeans IDE

A short guide to creating and deploying an Axis2 web service from a Java class in the NetBeans IDE. Learn to set up the Tomcat and GlassFish servers and configure the IDE to deploy Axis web services.

JavaMail for Starters

This community contributed tutorial from Angraj Mangal shows you how to send email using Java. Meaning you can write a simple Java Program that sends a mail using your mail account details or you can embed this functionality in your Web Application.

Cool note: Originally a blog entry, Mangal's tutorial is a winner in Sun's Student Reviews Contest! Congratulations Angraj!

Introduction to Web Services in the NetBeans IDE

Get an overview of web service concepts and technologies supported by the NetBeans IDE. A must-read for newcomers to web services before they dive into NetBeans tutorials.

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