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Join NetCAT & Help Make NetBeans 6.5 Rock!

image Do you like the quality of the NetBeans IDE and want to keep it that way for future users? Or do you think the IDE could stand to iron out a few kinks? Whatever your stance you can give something back to your favorite IDE by helping to test the upcoming NetBeans 6.5 release. If you have at least two hours per week to spare in July and August, sign up for NetCAT 6.5!


NetBeans CDC Emulator Platform Setup Guide

NetBeans Mobility supports JavaME CDC development, but lacks a bundled CDC platform. Get the steps for downloading, installing, and registering the Sun Java Toolkit for CDC and other popular Software Development Kits (SDK) for CDC development.

Building Reports with iReport from JasperSoft

image Giulio Toffoli, iReport Architect and Project Founder, leads you through a demonstration of how to create reports using the NetBeans IDE and the iReport plugin. Guilio also recently decided to move the iReport project to the NetBeans platform. Hear what he has to say about why NetBeans was the best choice.

JavaScript Editing Features in the NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 6.1 provides enhanced JavaScript editing features that are modeled on support already provided for Java, Ruby, and other languages. This guide provides an overview of these features such as Semantic Highlighting, Mark Occurrences, Instant Rename, Refactoring and more.

Creating a Loan Processing Composite Application

Learn to deploy, execute and test a composite application with this tutorial that provides an overview of a simple loan processing composite application.


Interview: Allan Davis, nbPython Developer

Allan Davis is a developer working on nbPython, an extension that aims to integrate Python support into NetBeans IDE 6.1. Learn more about nbPython and the NetBeans APIs that make it hum in this article from NetBeans Zone.


Ubuntu, PHP, NetBeans - Part I

Petr Pisl from the NetBeans PHP team documents the process for installing the PHP environment on Ubuntu 8.04.

Build Localized NetBeans Platform 6.1

Masaki Katakai provides the steps for building localized jar files of the NetBeans Platform for your development environment.

Providing RichFaces Support for NetBeans IDE

Wouter van Reeven reports on a visit by Geertjan Wielenga and about his own first contributions to NetBeans RichFaces Support project.


Event Recap: NetBeans Deep Dive in Manila, Philippines

680 people attended the recent NetBeans Deep Dive session in Manila. Sang Shin, Tim Boudreau, and Geertjan Wielenga walked the audience through the coolest features of 6.1, and then focused on how the NetBeans IDE is well suited for web development and desktop development.

Bringing the Philippines onto the NetBeans Platform

Instructors from all around the Philippines participated in a two-day NetBeans Platform certified training session in June. They learned all about the NetBeans Platform, covered the main concepts, as well as participated in hands-on labs. As instructors themselves they will then pass on their knowledge to other students!

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