Check Out the Redesigned NetBeans Community Portal!

The NetBeans Community Portal has a brand new look! All the information you need to contribute to the NetBeans codebase, to develop your projects with the NetBeans IDE & Platform, and to engage with the NetBeans community is now available on one easy-to-navigate page! What can you find at the portal? Ways to:

  • Create modules for the NetBeans IDE and submit patches.
  • Stay current about NetBeans product releases, community news and events around the world.
  • Upload screencasts and event footage to NetBeans TV.
  • Share your NetBeans expertise with other users by joining the mailing lists or writing tutorials.
  • And more!
The NetBeans Community Portal is your gateway for participating in the NetBeans Project and growing the community. Visit the portal and get involved today!

Project News

New Multithreaded Debugging Support in NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans Debugger team has been working on a design to significantly improve debugging workflow and usability, with a focus on multithreaded debugging in the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.5. A new powerful Debugging Window has been introduced that integrates sessions, threads, and call stacks. Learn more about additional features of the new Multithreaded Debugging support and give the team feedback.


3 Ways to Become NetBeans Platform Savvy

image At JavaOne 2008, NetBeans Director of Core Engineering Arseniy Kuznetsov took a break from his busy schedule to give us the latest about the NetBeans Platform 6.1. Learn about cool applications built on the platform, the newly redesigned NetBeans Platform resources page and ways to become a certified NetBeans Platform Engineer!

Advanced Web Service Interoperability In Easy Steps

NetBeans Zone presents an in-depth article by NetBeans Engineer Martin Grebac about web service interoperability in NetBeans IDE 6.1, with many code snippets and illustrative screenshots.


Creating EJB3 Sessions Beans Using NetBeans 6.1 & Glassfish

NetBeans 6.1 comes with features that make web development easier, and combined with the Glassfish Application Server is a good choice for working with EJB3 components as explained in this community-contributed tutorial from Jair Rillo Junior.

Best Practices for Apache Maven in NetBeans IDE

Learn to take full advantage of the NetBeans IDE's Apache Maven support with this tutorial that demonstrates importing, creating and working with Apache Maven-based projects in the IDE.

Using the JBI JavaEE Service Engine

A tutorial that shows how to use the JavaEE Service Engine in the NetBeans IDE to increase performance for EJB web services.


Taking the New Swing Tree Table for a Spin

Geertjan Wielenga gives a primer on using evangelist Tim Boudreau's new tree table outside of the NetBeans Platform. He demonstrates with a useful example.

Schema Aware XML Hyperlinking

XML hyperlinking in NetBeans IDE could be better. Angad Singh and Varun Nischal are working on a way to hyperlink from elements and attributes to their DTD or schema definitions.

Tip: Using the Ruby IRB

The tutorial divas give some pointers for using the Interactive Ruby (IRB) console in the NetBeans IDE.

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