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Bug Fixes for NetBeans IDE 6.1 Now Available has released a new patch, which is an update to the NetBeans IDE 6.1. The patch includes bug fixes in modules for BPEL, C/C++, Database, Editing Files, GUI Builder, IDE Platform, Java, Java Debugger, Java EE, Java Persistence, JBoss Application Server, Mercurial, Mobility, NetBeans Plugin Development, RESTful Web Services, Ruby and Rails, SOA,Spring Web MVC, UML, Visual JSF, Visual Mobility Designer, Web Applications, Web Services, and XML and Schema.

To obtain the fixes, the NetBeans IDE must be installed and running. You can download the fixes through the IDE's Update Center.


Governance Board Elections - Nominations Closing

The DEADLINE for nominations is Tuesday, May 27, midnight in the last time zone. For the current nominees and more information visit the board elections page. Voting begins on Wednesday, May 28.


JavaScript and PHP Support in NetBeans 6.1

In this interview from, Frank Sommers and Sun's Gregg Sporar discuss NetBeans increasing support of languages focusing on JavaScript and PHP support. Emebbed Player

There's now a very cool player that you can embed in your blog entries, or on any other site, to let your readers watch movies of better quality than YouTube. Uploading movies to share them with others is now also much easier than before. Geertjan's blog shows you how.

NetBeans Platform Based Bible Study Application

Kiyut in Indonesia has released an advanced Bible study toolkit on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Two NetBeans Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Change Your Life (Forever)

There are many cool NetBeans keyboard shortcuts, but these two, spotlighted at NetBeans Zone, are really special. Seriously, try these two out and you'll like the NetBeans Java editor even more than before.

Comment/Uncomment Lines in HTML, JSP, HTML

Ctrl-Shift-C or Ctrl-Slash comment out lines in Java files. But what about HTML files, XML files, and JSP files? NetBeans IDE 6.1 provides no support for commenting out lines in these file types. Download this plugin and add that missing functionality today!


Embeddable GlassFish in Action - Servlet in a Maven project

This blog how to host a Servlet using GlassFish embeddability APIs and write a simple Maven test to invoke the Servlet - all within the same VM.

Embedded Derby and Bean Binding with NetBeans 6

By Prakan Puvibunsuk. A fantastic video demo that shows you embedded Derby datbase and bean binding in NetBeans 6.

Chinese Community Member‘s NetBeans Plugin - Gmail Notifier

Liang Ding(88250), from Chinese Community, has created a new Gmail Notifier plugin that is available through the Plugin Portal.

Features Include:
* auto check mail box
* auto display mail subject scrolly
* tool tip notification
* new mail sound propmt

* Left click will open the Gmail in your web browser
* Right click will check your new mails
* Set Gmail Account in Tools->Options dialog

Drag & drop code snippets into the Palette

NetBeans users have often asked for functionality allowing them to drag code snippets into the palette. That way, you can build up a palette of custom snippets that you can then very easily reuse. Stan Aubrecht, the NetBeans engineer responsible for the Palette API, gives you a preview of this functionality in his blog. You can already use it if you get a post-6.1 development build.

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