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NetBeans Plugin Portal Has New Features!

The new version of the NetBeans Plugin Portal is now live and includes enhanced features such as:

  • Verification process for publishing plugins in the NetBeans IDE
  • Email notification
  • Comments management
  • and More!
To learn about all the improvements to the NetBeans Plugin Portal read the functional specification.


NetBeans Day Poland (April 11 - 13)

image The Polish NetBeans community has organized a three-day NetBeans tour through Poland with stops in Krakow (11th), Warsaw (12th) and Wroclaw (13th). Attend NetBeans Day to learn about new features and support available in the NetBeans IDE.


Talking with Sun JavaFX Developer Josh Marinacci

image Sun Microsystems evangelist David Coldrick interviews Sun JavaFX developer Josh Marinacci during the Sun Tech Days in Sydney, Australia. Marinacci discuss upcoming features and support in JavaFX Script.

Beta, Blogs & Groovy - NetBeans Podcast Episode #42

Tune in to hear Roman and Gregg talk about the beta release of NetBeans 6.1, the NetBeans blogging contest, what's new in the Groovy world, the latest patches, a preview of NetBeans Day at CommunityOne, and more.

Create Your NetBeans Network on my.netbeans, FaceBook & MySpace!

Social networking comes to the NetBeans community! Find out the different ways that NetBeans users worldwide can now stay connected through social networking sites, including our very own, and help to grow the community!


NetBeans, Ruby and AppleScript

image "Mac Developer Tips" blogger John Muchow describes how to use NetBeans and rb-appscript (a bridge to connect Ruby to the Apple Event Manager) to control scriptable applications on a Mac. This introduction shows how you can get started using Ruby as an alternative to AppleScript for scripting applications on Mac OS X.

Adding Support For a Web Framework

This tutorial describes how to add support for a web framework in the NetBeans IDE using the Plugin Manager.

Support Missing Languages Using Schliemann

The Generic Languages Framework (codename Schliemann) offers an easy way to support your language within the NetBeans IDE. This tutorial shows you how to support the common STEP Physical File (ISO 10303 Part21) format, a file format used in the exchange off CAD and Product Structure Exchange.


Updated Plugin - Visual Web Woodstock Component Theme Builder

Winston Prakash has updated the Visual Web Woodstock Component Theme Builder plugin to work with NetBeans releases 6.0 and 6.0.1. His blog entry includes links for downloading the updates, installing and using the plugin.

Find OpenOffice Extensions in the NetBeans IDE

Do you use both the NetBeans IDE and has many plugins (also known as extensions). Geerjan Wielenga's blog entry details how the NetBeans IDE can inform you about available extensions.

Why Referencing an EntityManager Inside JPA Entities is Needed

The generation of JSF front-end is available in NetBeans IDE 6.1. This post from Adam Bien describes the JSF and JPA scaffolding with NetBeans IDE 6.1 in greater detail.

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