NetBeans Day Hyderabad (February 29)

image The NetBeans WorldTour returns! Join us in Hyderabad, India for a look at what's new and cool in the NetBeans IDE. Registration for NetBeans Day is FREE, but reserve your seats now!

Ruby on Rails QuickStart Seminar - San Francisco (February 20-21)

Learn to build Ruby on Rails applications using the NetBeans IDE at a two-day Ruby on Rails seminar with Michael Slater and Christopher Haupt, of and the The seminar will let web designers and developers with only minimal programming experience get up to speed in Rails.

Project News

NetBeans Innovators Grants - Deadline is March 3!

Get paid for ideas that help the NetBeans Project! As part of Sun Microsystems' open source initiative, the NetBeans Innovators Grants program will help make your best ideas a reality and reward you. Need hints? Work on a module. Develop an application on top of the NetBeans Platform. Even work on translations. Submit your proposals today!

New Update Center for Translation Communities

image The NetBeans Localization team is pleased to announce the release of a new Update Center for translation communities. The release is the result of a close collaboration with the NetBeans Build Engineering team. Highlights include:

  • Fast and easy installation of translated resources through a localization plugin install.
  • Updated localization resources are packed to the localization plugin TWICE a day from the resource bundle repository.
Visit the Localization Development Update Center wiki for detailed information.

JavaFX Script Plugin for the NetBeans IDE 6.0.1

An update release of the JavaFX Script plugin for the NetBeans IDE 6.0.1 is available for download from the NetBeans Beta Update Center. This release includes several bug fixes and functionality improvements made to the plugin.

Early Access: Clearcase Integration into NetBeans

A new plugin for the Clearcase Versioning system is available from the NetBeans 6.1 development update center. Download the plugin and give the NetBeans VCS team your feedback.


Adding and Defining UML 99 Seconds

image This NetBeans.TV video illustrates how to use the UML icons from the Modeling Palette to create interfaces, packages, attributes, and operations in the NetBeans 6.0 IDE.

Real-Life Rails: Develop with NetBeans, Deploy on Linux

In this article by Mark Watson for, find out how to leverage the Ruby and Rails support in NetBeans IDE 6.0, and then learn techniques for deploying Rails applications on a Linux server efficiently.


CRUD Wizard in NetBeans 6.0

Adam Bien describes automatic CRUD EJB 3 generation from existing Entities in NetBeans 6.0.

Rails Application with PostgreSQL Database Using NetBeans

Arun Gupta provides steps for creating a Rails application that accesses PostgreSQL database using NetBeans IDE 6.0.

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