NetBeans Chat in Second Life - January 31

Please join us at Sun's Developer Playground in Second Life on Thursday, January 31 at 10am PST as Brian Leonard and David Botterill, NetBeans Technology Evangelists, discuss NetBeans 6.0. Learn how the latest release enables greater developer productivity with a faster, smarter editor, multi-language support, and a customizable IDE.

Project News

NetBeans Platform Auto-Update via BitTorrent

Platform developer and dream team member Emilian Bold cooked up a module that allows the NetBeans Platform to download new and updated modules via BitTorrent without any changes to the Auto Update core. Get more details from his blog entry and let him know if you are interested in contributing.

Assembler Support Plugin for C/C++

The first public version of the Assembler plugin is now available from the NetBeans Plugin Portal. Features include syntax highlighting, hyperlinks on jump and call targets, and more. The team responsible for the module wants feedback. Send comments to or to .


NetBeans Support Blog Localized into Japanese!

In the last newsletter issue, we announced that the NetBeans Support Team had started a NetBeans Support blog. Now a group of Japanese volunteers has launched localization efforts to translate and provide a Japanese version! Kudos to them!

A Quick Guide to Becoming a NetCAT Top Cat

NetCAT is our popular community-based quality assurance testing program, and one of the many ways of contributing to the NetBeans project. How does one join the next NetCAT cycle and stand out like 6.0 team members Jacek Laskowski & Anuradha Gunasekara? Read on for details.


Adding Java Management Extensions (JMX) Instrumentation to a Java Application

The NetBeans JMX Wizard Module integrates JMX technology right into your workflow in the NetBeans IDE and allows you to quickly develop management applications and monitor the state of the Virtual Machine. This tutorial shows you how to add management to an existing application (the NetBeans sample Anagrams Game application).

Accessing MS Access / MS SQL from NetBeans IDE

This Community Docs contribution from Gustavo Soto shows you how to use the NetBeans IDE with JDBC - ODBC Bridge to connect to MS Access / MS SQL Server database. Interested in submitting a tutorial to the NetBeans Community Docs program? Here's a quick start guide.

Creating a CSS-based Fixed Page Layout

In this tutorial, create a CSS-based fixed page layout with the NetBeans Visual Web JSF framework. You will use different Layout Panels and other HTML elements from the palette to complete the layout for your page.


What is Visual VM?

Visual VM is a new project that aims to provide monitoring and profiling tools for the JVM with a GUI. It is based on the NetBeans Platform and thus reuses NetBeans plugin architecture. Roman Strobl has more details in this blog post.

RESTful Representation of Sakila Using GlassFish & NetBeans IDE

This entry from Arun Gupta shows how Sakila—the sample database shipped for MySQL—can be exposed as a RESTful Web service endpoint and deployed on GlassFish using Jersey Tooling Plugin (0.4.1 with Jersey 0.4) in the NetBeans IDE.

Model View Presenter (JSF) with Domain Driven Design (EJB 3 + JPA)

According to Adam Bien, "Java EE 5 was a revolution, not an evolution. EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0 allow domain driven and service oriented approaches." His blog post introduces a small sample application built with NetBeans 6.0 and Glassfish v2. It was introduced during the recent NetBeans User Group Meeting in Munich. The application can be used from here and the whole sourcecode is available here.

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