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Woodstock 4.1.1 Upgrade Available from NetBeans 6.0 Update Center

The Woodstock 4.1.1 JSF Components upgrade is available from the NetBeans 6.0 Update Center. The new version includes performance improvements, bug fixes and an upgrade to Dojo 1.0.1.

Contest: Build a NetBeans Plugin for Dapper!

Build a NetBeans plugin for Dapper for a chance to win an iPhone and other cool prizes! The task: Create a plugin that allows for easy integration of Dapp content within an application (Java or otherwise). The contest is part of the upcoming DapperCamp.

SIP Application Development Module Version 0.4 for NetBeans 6.0

Vince Kraemer has released a new build of the module that helps people develop SIP Servlet applications. The update includes a new feature: the SIP Listener wizard. Additional information about features in the SIP module can be found here and here.


Using the Tapestry Framework With NetBeans

Tapestry is an open-source framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java. This tutorial offers steps for using the Tapestry Framework with the NetBeans IDE.

Updating a Woodstock Component Library in NetBeans 6.0

This tutorial describes how to update a Woodstock (JSF 1.2) Component Library in NetBeans IDE 6.0.

Introduction to the Swing Application Framework

The Swing Application Framework is a light framework that simplifies the creation and maintenance of small- to medium-sized Java desktop applications. Get an introduction to the NetBeans IDE 6.0's support for the Swing Application Framework with this tutorial.


Instant JChem 2.2 Released (Built on the NetBeans Platform)

ChemAxon's Instant JChem 2.2 has been released. A NetBeans Platform based desktop application for scientists, IJC is a database-centric tool for managing hundreds of thousands of chemical structures.

NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend (Part 2)

The second segment of Roman Strobl's three-part article for presents various ways that the NetBeans IDE 6.0 can make a Ruby developer's life easier, and spotlights some of the features not available in other IDEs.


Travel Map: A jMaki & Jersey Mash Up Using NetBeans

Arun Gupta introduces a new real-life application that plots, on a jMaki-wrapped Google Map widget, all the locations he visited in 2007 as a Technology Evangelist. Clicking on the markers shows information about the events such as dates and blog entries related to the events.

BeansBinding: Not Only for the GUI?

BeansBinding is getting popular and this blog entry from NetBeans Platform developer and Dream Team member Fabrizio Giudici explores creative uses of the BeansBinding technology beyond the GUI and addresses other aspects of design using blueMarine, his NetBeans Platform application.

NetBeans API Tip: Privileged File Templates

org.netbeans.spi.project.ui.PrivilegedTemplates is an interface that you need to implement for file templates to appear in a project's privileged file template list. Then the user simply right-clicks a project and chooses New to get to your template instead of having to look in the New File wizard. Read Geertjan's blog entry for all the details, including code snippets.

Redeployment of Java EE 5 Apps with Vista & Glassfish V2

Are you working in Windows Vista and running into redeployment problems with enterprise applications? German developer and author Adam Bien has a solution in this blog entry.

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