Two Days Till NetBeans Day Atlanta! (January 9)

image Register now for the first stop on the NetBeans WorldTour in 2008. Join us in Atlanta's Cobb Galleria Center for a day of demos and talks, and discover firsthand how NetBeans IDE 6.0 can take your projects to the next level this year!


Ruby News: JRuby 1.0.3 and Rails 2.0.2

Last month, JRuby 1.0.3 and Rails 2.0.2 made their debuts. In a recent blog entry, Tor writes about the latest development efforts to support these releases and how to grab the NetBeans Ruby updates. He also talks about a quick fix that he added to handle the now obsolete require_gem method.

Several people have asked about how to set the Ruby interpreter configuration back to JRuby after they set it to use their own Ruby interpreter. Martin Krauskopf has added a FAQ to show the easiest way to do so.

NetBeans Podcast, Episode #38

Tune in to hear Roman and Gregg talk about NetBeans 6.0, JasperReports, Groovy support, screencasts, and much more.


Enabling CDC Application Development in NetBeans 6.0 Mobility

Previous versions of NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC had the Sun Java Toolkit for CDC bundled into the IDE. However, NetBeans 6.0 requires developers to manually install a CDC platform emulator in order to develop apps for Java ME CDC mobile phones. This installation guide shows how to download, install, and register the toolkit and other popular SDKs for CDC development in the IDE to enable application development for this increasingly popular device platform.

Video: Accessing Web Services from a Visual Web Application in NetBeans IDE 6.0

Building web applications with the NetBean IDE's visual tools is easier in 6.0. Accessing web services is also simpler. This brief demo shows how to build a web application that uses a web service. (Interested in other screencasts about what you can do in NetBeans 6.0, then check out our archive.)

Adding a Popup Window to a NetBeans 6.0 Visual Web Page

The Tutorial Divas have updated their popular pop-up mini-tutorial for NetBeans 6.0 Visual Web projects. The guide offers steps for creating a pop-up window for users to lookup values.


New & Cool in NetBeans 6.0: GUI Builder Updates

Roman Strobl highlights updates to the GUI Builder in NetBeans 6.0 with this demo that shows how to quickly and easily build data driven applications with the new Matisse and JSR-295 support (bean binding).

Map Out Your World with AlterSIG (Built on the NetBeans Platform)

French developer Johann Sorel is the sole driver behind AlterSIG, a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application for turning geographic data into viewable maps. In this interview, Sorel discusses his introduction to the NetBeans Platform and his work on AlterSIG.


Testing Rails Applications

All well developed applications are supported by tests. In this entry, Brian Leonard extends the web log he's been building to include some unit, functional and integration tests.

Metro 1.1 with GlassFish v2 UR1 & NetBeans 6.0

Arun Gupta describes how to install Metro 1.1 on GlassFish v2 UR1 (which comes with Metro 1.0 baked in) for use with the NetBeans IDE 6.0.

NetBeans 6.0 Ruby & Rails Cheat Sheet

Blogger Jason Lapier compiles a list of useful shortcuts and tips in the NetBeans 6.0 IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails development.

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