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image Curious about how to take your projects to the next level with the NetBeans IDE 6.0 in 2008? Then attend NetBeans Day Atlanta to find out how! Atlanta is the first stop on the NetBeans WorldTour in 2008. Join us at the Cobb Galleria Center for a day of demos and talks about what the NetBeans IDE 6.0 can do for you.

Project News

ICEsoft, JasperSoft, Ikivo, Xoetrope Announce Releases with Support for NetBeans IDE 6.0

Companies in the NetBeans Partner Program help to grow the NetBeans ecosystem by creating plugins. Four strategic partners have recently announced product releases that work with the NetBeans IDE 6.0. Discover four more ways to extend the NetBeans IDE with Ikivo's Animator, ICEfaces Ajax framework, JasperSoft's iReport, and Xoetrope's XUI platform!

NetBeans Repository Migrates to Mercurial

The project is migrating its repository from CVS ( to Mercurial (, and this change will affect all community members who are integrating code changes to the repository. Learn more about reasons for the move and the migration plan.

New NetBeans Plugin: YouTube Player

It is now possible to browse and play YouTube movies from the IDE! You type a search string in a text field and the Navigator displays the results; double-click a title and the browser opens, showing the movie. Get additional information from Geertjan's blog entry.


How to Get & Build the Grizzly Project with NetBeans 6.0

This tutorial contribution from Miroslav Nachev to Project Grizzly illustrates how to use the NetBeans IDE 6.0 with the Maven plugin to retrieve the Project Grizzly source code from the repository. The document also offers instructions on how to build and test it too.

An Intro to Profiling Java Applications in NetBeans 6.0

Looking for a quick start on how to profile your NetBeans projects? Then check out this tutorial. It gives an overview of the profiling tools included in the IDE and demonstrates the various tasks available and the results you can get when profiling a project.

Five-Minute Ruby on Rails jMaki Tutorial

If you have installed the NetBeans IDE support for Ruby and are interested in integrating jMaki into your Ruby on Rails projects, here is a five-minute tutorial from the Divas to get you started. You add a Yahoo data table to a Ruby on Rails view.


Photo Editing Made Easy with Citra FX, Built on the NetBeans Platform

Developed by Tonny Kohar, Citra FX is a filter effects tool for digital images. It allows anyone, regardless of experience, to give unique artistic looks to their digital images. In this interview, Kohar discusses the experience of using the NetBeans Platform to create Citra FX.

Ruby FAQs - Adding Custom Tasks to Ruby Projects

The NetBeans Ruby FAQ, which is maintained by the Ruby community, contains answers to common questions. The newest addition settles the question: "How do I add custom tasks to the project?"

If you have answers to frequently asked questions or good tips that can save others time, please add them to the Ruby FAQ.


How to Create a New jMaki Widget

Arun Gupta explains how to create a new jMaki widget and make it available in the NetBeans palette.

Event Report: Javapolis 2007

Lukas Hasik was a presenter at JavaPolis 2007, the three-day tech gathering organized by BeJUG and held in Antwerps, Belgium. He gives a summary of his experience at the conference with three blog entries.

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