Register for NetBeans Day Frankfurt - Dec. 3!

image NetBeans Day Frankfurt is the last stop on the WorldTour for 2007. Join us at the Frankfurt Congress Center for highlights of what's new and cool in NetBeans, such as our support for the hottest scripting languages, and tools and technologies that simplify your work. Register today!

Develop Rich Client Apps with NetBeans & Swing at Bulgarian JUG - Nov. 28

A notice to developers in Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Association of Software Developers and the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG) kindly invite you to a seminar: Creating Rich Client Applications Using NetBeans 6.0 and Java Swing. Discover how easy it is to develop Rich Client applications using NetBeans 6.0 and Swing.

Project News

NetBeans Community Greenlights NetBeans 6.0!

image The results of the NetBeans IDE 6.0 Community Acceptance Survey are here: 93% of respondents agree that NetBeans 6.0 Release Candidate is stable enough to move into FCS! Check out the survey results and comments. Thank you for your feedback!

Highlight Boxing Unboxing Varargs Module

Sandip Chitale has uploaded the Highlight Boxing Unboxing Varargs Module to the NetBeans Plugin Portal. The module reveals where the Java compiler silently applies boxing and unboxing to primitive types and corresponding reference types in your code. It may also help to diagnose mysterious NPEs when a reference type null value is attempted to be unboxed at runtime. Get more details from Sandip's blog.


Write a Tutorial for NetBeans!

Are you brimming with ideas for tutorials, or tips & tricks for working in the NetBeans IDE? The NetBeans Community Docs Program just might be the thing for you. Learn more about sharing your know-how with other NetBeans users in this interview with program manager James Branam.

Migrating Netbeans Class Libraries Between Different Versions

While creating, using, and removing class libraries are easy tasks in NetBeans, moving them from one version of the IDE to another is not for the faint-of-heart. In this tutorial, Teera Kanokkanjanarat shows you how to get around this sisyphean task.

Writing Unit Tests with NetBeans Ruby Support

image From NetBeans TV: Tor Norbye demonstrates writing and running unit tests using the NetBeans Ruby Support in this 3-minute screencast.

Midnight Cookie Tutorial for NetBeans 6.0

The Midnight Cookie tutorial has been updated to work with NetBeans 6.0. The tutorial provides an end-to-end scenario for web development in the NetBeans IDE, including internationalization and advanced usage of the HTTP Monitor. A link to the completed sample is also provided. Feel free to pass comments back to the authors, via the link at the bottom of the tutorial, because they're looking for feedback on this one!


New Improvements for Building NetBeans RCP Apps

Dream Team-er Fabrizio Giudici continues his blog series about optimizing the way large NetBeans RCP projects are built. Plus, get more information about OpenBlueSky, a collection of tools and components factored out of blueMarine, his platform for managing photo flow. And when it comes to blueMarine always expect a cool-looking screenshot!

Getting Your Feet Wet With Java in JRuby

If you haven't tried calling Java classes from a JRuby application yet, the Tutorial Divas have a simple code snippet to get you started.

Arun Gupta's Tip: Optimizing Metro Stubs

This tip from Arun Gupta explains how a WSDL can be locally packaged to improve the overall performance of Metro stubs. Arun has many more tips to share on his blog "Miles to Go...". Check them out or suggest ones you'd like to see.

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