NetBeans Day Tokyo - November 6

image Hop on the NetBeans WorldTour in Tokyo, where members of the NetBeans team will spotlight new features and improvements to NetBeans 6.0. Mingle with other NetBeans fans and look out for chances to take home cool NetBeans gifts. NetBeans Day is FREE, but space is limited so reserve your spot today!


David Botterill - Evangelist & Makeover Master

image NetBeans Evangelists travel far and wide to deliver our gospel. NetBeans TV caught up with them on a rare group stop in the Czech Republic, where they offered a few words about themselves and NetBeans.

In this video, meet David Botterill, the evangelist behind the revamped NetBeans Plugin Portal. But the Plugin Portal's extensive facelift is not the only makeover to David's credit--he also had a hand in outfitting the NetBeans Mobile.

Turkish Planet NetBeans Site Launched!

The NetBeans community continues to expand its borders. Planet NetBeans, our directory of blogs about all-things NetBeans, now has a new Turkish site! Know Turkish users who blog about NetBeans? Encourage them to register their blogs on the site.

And equally as cool? The growing and excited team of Turkish developers working with the Translation Project to translate the NetBeans IDE into Turkish. Interested in participating? Send an email to .

NetBeans Podcast Episode #37

image What is NetCAT? A web-savvy feline? NetCAT stands for the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program; it's one of the many ways that NetBeans users can contribute to NetBeans by testing and giving feedback on Beta and RC builds of the IDE. Listen in as Jiri Kovalsky, NetBeans technical community manager, talks about testing for NetBeans 6.0.

More NetBeans Chatter: Net Talk Transcript

Six NetBeans experts recently gathered for a LIVE Net Talk session to answer your questions about NetBeans. Check out the transcript.


Creating a Basic MIDP2.0 Game Template

Create the startup code needed to make MIDP2.0 games for Java enabled mobile phone with this cool tutorial from community member Glenn John Geronimo.

End-to-End Web Service Creation & Consumption in NetBeans IDE 6.0

In this tutorial, learn to create a running Java Swing application that consumes an EJB module's images via a web service.

Mixing Java and Ruby Applications

Check out this tutorial to see how easy it is to combine Ruby and Java applications. Plus, you'll learn some neat Ruby editing shortcuts.


NetBeans RCP - Beyond Suite Chaining

Suite chaining is a technique to split a large NetBeans RCP project in smaller sub-projects. But in some instances involving complex dependency schemas among sub-projects it can't be used. This post from Dream Team member Fabrizio Giudici illustrates an alternate scenario.

Adam Bien's Must-Have Netbeans 6.0 Plugins

Author and Dream Team member Adam Bien spotlights seven NetBeans plugins he finds handy. Visit the NetBeans Plugin Portal to find other additional plugins. What are your must-have NetBeans plugins? Blog about them!

JRuby 1.0.2 & Tor's Ruby Screenshot of the Week

Two Ruby blog entries of note: Thomas Enebo's post announces the release of JRuby 1.0.2, which includes support for Rails 1.2.5, while Tor Norbye's Ruby Screenshot #22 entry explains Go To Declaration and how to display documentation tooltips. He also talks about a recent bug fix to how the NetBeans IDE handles the Gem load path.

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