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A Plugin to Make You Filthy Rich...

image ....with sample codes, that is. There's a new NetBeans 6.0 plugin that installs all the samples from Romain Guy and Chet Hasse's Filthy Rich Clients book straight into New Project wizard. Note: You need to be in a NetBeans 6.0 build, such as Beta 1, to make use of this plugin.

Participate in Intland's codeBeamer-NetBeans ALM Module Project

Intland, a NetBeans strategic partner, is inviting NetBeans users to participate in its codeBeamer - NetBeans ALM Module project. The NetBeans plugin provides a complete view of any codeBeamer artifact and gives the user the possibility of assigning a Source Code commit to an existing Task (SCM Loop).

Interested in participating? Contact .

Feature Viewer: A Plugin for Listing Plugins

Want a quick, printable overview of all the plugins that are installed in your IDE, together with all those that are available in your Plugin Manager? Geertjan Wielenga has created a new plugin that provides this information in a table.

Project Packager Plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.0

Thanks to Charlie Hunt, there's a Project Packager plugin available for NetBeans 6.0. Originally developed by Roman Strobl, the Project Packager plugin allows you to import & export NetBeans projects with ease. You can also e-mail an exported NetBeans project.

Visit the NetBeans Plugin Portal to get the Project Packager and the other cool plugins mentioned in this issue!


How to Use jMaki on Rails in NetBeans 6.0 IDE

image This tutorial shows the steps to building the Rails project described in an Arun Gupta jMaki screencast. Add both a Yahoo table and a Dojo table to a page and fill them with data from a database table. Then add two buttons and use the publish/subscribe mechanism so that the buttons can talk to the tables.

Video: NetBeans Ruby Editor Code Completion

image In this quick piece, Tor Norbye demonstrates the code completion feature of the NetBeans Ruby Editor. Visit for more Ruby tips from Tor and for other cool demos and screencasts.

Running Woodstock JSF Components in Portlet Environment

This tutorial gives you a brief overview on how to use the Project Woodstock component set and NetBeans to build portlets.


Rails and JPA (Instead of ActiveRecord)

NetBeans Evangelist Brian Leonard wondered what it would take to replace ActiveRecord with JPA in the classic Ruby on Rails blog demo. Read on to see the results.

Creating Extensible Applications With the Java Platform

A technical article introducing you to extensibility in Java applications. It makes use of key concepts in the Java Platform and in particular, the NetBeans Platform.


Get the New NetBeans 6.0 Icons and Banner!

image Promote NetBeans on your websites and blogs with our new collection of NetBeans 6 icons and banners.

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