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Download JavaFX Script Plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.0 Beta

The JavaFX Script plugin for the NetBeans IDE 6.0 Beta 1 release is now available for download from the NetBeans Beta Update Center. This preview release includes new features (Java Web Start support and syntax highlighting), improved features (better Projects support and Preview tool), and several bug fixes.

Download GlassFish V2

The final release of GlassFish V2 is available! Download the latest version of the GlassFish Java EE 5 application server that now includes the features you need for highly scalable enterprise deployments; features such as clustering, high availability, a new GUI administration console, and Metro—an enterprise Web services stack. And did we mention that it's the fastest app server on the market today?

Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 Released

Sun Microsystems releases Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07. Highlights of this release include:

*D-Light - the GUI tool to bring the power of DTrace to a broad developer audience
*New Solaris Installer - the first new Solaris installer since Solaris 8 that makes installation much easier
*Expanded support offering to also cover installation/configuration.

Learn more at


NetBeans Day Rome, Milan & Cagliari: Sept. 24, 26, 29

image Join the NetBeans WorldTour on its European leg in Rome, Milan and Cagliari! Mingle with members of the NetBeans team, including Dream Team member and local Fabrizio Giudici, as they demonstrate and discuss new features in NetBeans 6.0, such as Ruby on Rails support and the smarter, faster editor. The WorldTour is FREE, but space is limited so reserve your spot today!


Fabrizio Giudici: A Shutterbug Turned NetBeans Dream Teamer

image Fabrizio Giudici is not only a NetBeans enthusiast, he is also an avid photographer. And like many of his fellow Dream Team members, he has been able to merge his two passions: photography and NetBeans. The result is blueMarine, a photo management application. Read about Fabrizio's journey from NetBeans skeptic to advocate, his experience developing blueMarine on the NetBeans Platform, and more, in this latest installment from the Dream Team Profile Series.

NetBeans Podcast Episode 35

The NetBeans IDE 6 Beta release has landed! Listen in as Roman and Gregg talk about their favorite features in the release, recent conferences they have attended, interesting new videos from NetBeans TV, and more.

NetBeans Governance Board Elections - Voting Begins

The NetBeans Governance Board nomination period has ended and the nominated community members are:

*Emilian Bold
*Wade Chandler
*Glenn Holmer
*Bayless Kirtley
*David Strupl
*Tom Wheeler

Visit the NetBeans Board Election page to learn more about the nominees and to cast your vote.

The voting period runs through September 30, 2007 at midnight in the last time zone. The results and the new board will be announced on October 1.


Using the Nasa World Wind Java SDK

Community docs contributor George Lantz explains how to get the WWJ SDK going in NetBeans 5.5.1 with a simple "Hello World" tutorial that demonstrates the Nasa World Wind Java SDK. There is a lot more coming from George in the future. Read about him here.

RESTful Web Services in NetBeans IDE 6.0

image This video on demonstrates how to use the NetBeans IDE to create RESTful web services. In addition to building RESTful web services, the NetBeans IDE also supports building and testing client applications that access RESTful web services, and generating code for invoking both RESTful and SOAP-based web services.

Installing and Configuring Ruby Support

This tutorial provides information about downloading, installing, and configuring Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE. It also describes how to use database servers with JRuby and how to deploy a JRuby application to Glassfish.


Recent Blogs on NetBeans IDE 6.0 With Ruby Support

A big thanks to Gail Chappell for this fantastic compilation of the NetBeans Ruby community's reaction to the 6.0 Beta release!

With the recent release of NetBeans IDE 6.0 Beta 1, there have been numerous blogs from members of the NetBeans Ruby community. Tor Norbye posted Ruby Screenshot of the Week #18: Errors and Snippets which discusses new patterns that he added to the Ruby Quick Fix feature. Arun Gupta blogged about his experiences at Rails Conf Europe 2007. He also wrote about jMaki on Rails, using a JDBC connection pool from GlassFish in a Rails application, and a new GlassFish gem for Rails. The Tutorial Divas have been blogging about new NetBeans Ruby articles, tutorials, and videos, including three new videos produced by Cindy Church and Tor Norbye.

Switch Between JRuby and CRuby Interpreter in NetBeans 6

The NetBeans 6.0 IDE comes pre-configured with JRuby interpreter. This tech tip from Arun Gupta explains how the JRuby interpreter can be swapped with a C-based Ruby interpreter and vice versa.

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