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NetBeans Considers Dual Licensing: CDDL & GPL v2 with Classpath Exception

When the community speaks we listen. As a result of your requests, NetBeans is considering adopting a dual license model--CDDL and GPL v2 with Classpath exception--for the early access release of NetBeans 6.0. What are some of the benefits of a move like this? Aligning NetBeans with major open source projects. Creating a stronger open source Java ecosystem. Please note that GPL v2 with Classpath exception is not intended to replace the current CDDL license. For more information, read Community Manager Bruno Souza's Letter about Dual Licensing NetBeans.

NetBeans's CDDL & GPL v2 with Classpath Exception Dual License
This move affects the community, so give us feedback!

Released: MPI Development Plugin for Netbeans

The MPI Development Plugin for NetBeans allows application developers to access the NetBeans platform to develop, test, debug MPI applications for the Sun Grid Compute Utility. The early access version of the plugin is targeted at C/C++ developers who are working with MPI applications that can be modeled as a set of independent, compute-bound tasks. Visit the MPI Platform Project Page for download information and more.


Using the Java Persistence API to Modify Database Table Rows in a Visual Web Application

image Extend what you learned from the "Using the Java Persistence API from a Visual Web Application" article and see how to modify database data. This article shows you how to add, update, and delete database table rows.

Integrating CICS with the JBi4CICS Component

Jbi4Cics is an Open Source JBI Binding Component from Imola, a NetBeans Strategic Partner. In this article, authors Amedeo Cannone and Stefano Rossini present the Jbi4Cics component along with an integration use case sample developed using Netbeans's Enterprise features.

How to Use Virtual Forms in the NetBeans IDE

Virtual Forms are a feature of the NetBeans IDE. This technical article is written for developers who use the IDE and want to take advantage of this powerful mechanism.


Handy Guides – Books About Developing with NetBeans

image Have you picked up any good books lately? Discover the growing collection of books about programming with the NetBeans IDE, and consider adding a book or two to your reference library.


Add Some iPhone Flavor to Your NetBeans IDE

Kirill Grouchnikov has updated his Substance look-and-feel plugin module, and in this blog entry shows how to add a bit of an iPhone look to the NetBeans IDE.

Rails to Java via REST

Rails and Java, yes, JRuby is one possible solution. But if you have some large Java system that you want to integrate with, it's unlikely that you're just going to get the jar files to access that system's APIs. More likely is that the system will expose itself as a service, and the service type du jour is REST. So, in this entry Brian exposes an entity class as a RESTful web service and then creates a Rails client for that service.

NetBeans 6.0 Flash Demo: Using Page Fragments

Check out James Branam's new Flash demo about using page fragments in Visual Web JSF. The demo is based on a VW tutorial: "Using Page Fragments", a guide to creating an application that includes two page fragments--one holding the application's logo, and the other holding links for navigating between the pages in the application.

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