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Updated JavaFX Script Plugins for NetBeans IDE

The OpenJFX team has announced updated JavaFX Script plugins for the NetBeans IDE. There are two plugins: one for NetBeans 5.5 and NetBeans 6.0. The plugin for 6.0 features a preview of JavaFXPad integration, a lightweight tool for building graphical elements using JavaFX Script.

Also check out Tom Ball's blog entry on the JavaFX project.

NetBeans jVi Module 1.0 Available

Release 1.0.2 of jVi for NetBeans is now available and tested with NetBeans 5.5, 5.5.1 and 6.0. Online documentation is available; it is also recommended to read "jVi in NetBeans". For proper undo/redo granularity, there is a small optional patch to NetBeans. There are 200 normal mode commands including vim's visual block mode, tag stack and external process filters as with the "!" commands. See recent changes.

For NON-vi/vim users who wish to only use jVi's extensive Rectangular Edit functions, there is javahelpset on Block Mode with examples and instructions on how to temporarily enable jVi only for Rectangular Edit functions.


Community Docs: New Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Daniel Boekhoff has contributed another cool tutorial to the NetBeans Community Docs Wiki. It's a follow-up to a previous tutorial on Running JSF Application with Facelets, Glassfish, JPA and a MySQL 5 server. This time around, Daniel demonstrates the same with Ruby on Rails and Netbeans 6.0.

Hands-on Lab: JavaServer Faces (JSF) Woodstock Components

A 90-minute tutorial on building, running and examining Woodstock components.

Web Services & SOA Programming Hands-on Online Course

The 3rd session of "Web Services and SOA Programming" online course starts from August 24th. This new session will have heavy emphasis on the following four technology areas:

* New Java APIs for Web Services (JAX-WS, JAXB 2.x, REST)
* WSIT (Project Tango)
* SOA Technologies (BPEL, JBI, Open ESB)
* GlassFish (Java EE 5, JBI runtime, Service Engines, etc.)


Key Concepts of the NetBeans Platform

Thought not a quick-start tutorial, this four-part series by Tim Boudreau will give you an introduction to three central concepts of programming on the NetBeans Platform: Lookup, Nodes, and Properties. Step by step, you will learn about these concepts and how to apply them in your own applications. Now updated to 6.0 Milestone 10, why not kick-start your way into the NetBeans Platform?!

Welcome on Board NetBeans Air!

Is NetBeans making a foray into aviation? Evangelist Tim Boudreau interviews platform specialist Tom Wheeler about using the NetBeans Platform to port applications that analyze mass properties of aircrafts for Boeing.


Cool Tip: Registering Apache Tomcat in NetBeans 6.0

A tip from our Community Docs guru James Branam. An easier way to enter the username and password for Tomcat? Just go to the Server Manager. Read his blog entry for more details.

CASA Editor: Quick Start Tutorial

Vince Genovese's is using his new blog to test-drive NetBeans tutorials. A recent tutorial entry gives a quick introduction to the basic features of the CASA Editor provided with NetBeans 6.0. Check it out and give Vince feedback.

"Why I Use NetBeans Mobility Pack to Write Cotopia"

Here at NetBeans, testimonials like these make us feel warm and fuzzy: Five reasons why "...NetBeans is without a doubt the superior tool for Mobile Java development."

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