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Birth of the JavaFX Script Compiler

The birth of the JavaFX Script Compiler, an incubator project to build a compiler for the JavaFX Script language, has been started. Things are still in the early stages—a perfect time for developers to help turn it into a killer tool. Get more details about joining the project from Tom Ball's blog.

No Daily Builds from July 27 - 30!

image We would like to inform the NetBeans community about an upcoming outage of the NetBeans builds production. The outage will occur over three days from July 27 - 30. The outage is a result of a scheduled building move of the NetBeans team in Prague. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Podcast: Project Jarvis with Toni Epple

Jarvis is a JasperReports Visual Designer for NetBeans that lets you design reports for your applications. Listen in as Toni Epple, project leader for Jarvis, gives an introduction to Jarvis.


NetBeans Podcast #32: An All-Ruby Podcast with Tor Norbye

Roman and Gregg interviewed Tor Norbye about his work on Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE. Discover which features Tor is working on, and learn about the background of the project, how to contribute, and tips on getting more information.

NetBeans Platform 5.5 Available in Albanian & Indonesian!

Thanks to community effort, the NetBeans localization roster continues to grow! A team of Albanian and Indonesian users have successfully translated the NetBeans 5.5 Platform.

Don't let the localizations stop here. Visit the Translation Project page for details on translating parts or all of the NetBeans IDE, the NetBeans Platform or the pages into your language.

Visual Web: Which Components Do You Use?

Visual Web users, which components do you use and why: Standard, JSF 1.1 (Braveheart), or JSF 1.2 (Woodstock)? Please let us know how and why you have decided on the components you use.


How to Work with JRuby in the NetBeans IDE

This tutorial guides you through converting a JRuby project to a Netbeans project, and includes steps on building and performing test runs of JRuby projects in the NetBeans IDE.

How to Integrate FindBugs Plug-in for NetBeans

Ever thought your code was harmful? This document takes you through the basics of integrating the FindBugs plug-in for NetBeans IDE into NetBeans 5.5 and 5.5.1. FindBugs is an open source static analysis tool to search your code for various bug patterns.

Also check out Charlie Hunt's blog entry for the latest information on using the FindBugs plugin with free form projects.


Intro to Building RESTful Web Services in Java Using NetBeans 6.0

REST-based web services are simpler than SOAP, right? Then why is it so difficult to create a REST-based web service in Java? Using tools, you can crank out a SOAP based web service in seconds—not so easy with REST. But help is on the way.

Twitter Plugin for NetBeans

Use NetBeans to keep in contact with friends! Naoki Kishida has created a Twitter plugin for NetBeans 5.5.1. Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that connects users through instant messaging, SMS and web interfaces. Thanks to Masaki Katakai for the tip!

Read the Command Line from a Java Application

Sometimes it is useful for an application to know what the user specifies on the command line at start up. For example, parts of an application may be unavailable to the user if the correct command line settings have not been specified. In NetBeans 6.0, the NetBeans Command Line Parsing API gives you access to the command line. In this blog entry, Geertjan introduces you to this API and helpful links for further reading.

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