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Download NetBeans IDE 6.0 Milestone 10 (M10)!

NetBeans is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.0 Milestone 10 (M10). Additions to Milestone 10 include:

* Ruby Debugger enhancements
* Plugin Manager allows you to distribute groups of IDE components
* Visual Designer with a new look and feel
* More Ajax enabled components from Project Woodstock
* Struts 1.3.x files are recognized by the IDE
* UML Source Code Synchronization
* And More

As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback about your experience using the NetBeans IDE on our mailing lists and in your blogs!


NetBeans User Group, Munich - July 12

Thursday, July 12th, at 7 p.m, there will be a meeting of the NetBeans User Group in Munich. Join other NetBeans users in the Munich area and listen to NetBeans Tech Writer Geertjan Wielenga talk about porting a Java application to the NetBeans Platform.


NetBeans Podcast Episode 31

NetBeans IDE 6.0 Milestone 10 is the big news, but there are additional topics discussed as well: Roman's report from Cologne, support for NetBeans in Spanish and German, a chapter from the platform book, and more. Tune in to hear Roman and Gregg talk things over.

Contribute to Project Grizzly and Win a T-Shirt!

Project Grizzly is looking for contributors and NetBeans users are strongly encouraged to participate. Submit a tutorial and win a t-shirt.

Bienvenida & Willkommen to NetBeans 5.5.1

The NetBeans community is proud to announce NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 in Spanish and German. These two localizations join the growing list of NetBeans language versions currently available in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Read about the efforts of the Spanish and German team, and learn how to join the Translation Project.


An Introduction to using AJAX with Rails

The Rails framework comes bundled with the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries. In this blog entry, Brian Leonard explains how to use those libraries in a Rails application.

New Blog: Land of 1000 Demos

A new blog from Jeff Stein is devoted to Flash demos on NetBeans, the Sun Java(TM) Composite Application Platform Suite, and other fun products. Check out Demo #1 of a projected 1000! Feel free to suggest demos and help Jeff meet his target!


Video: Calc Plugin for NetBeans

You can write various extensions to using Java, and the NetBeans IDE makes extending very easy. You can add functionality to and also create new applications which reuse APIs. Watch this 4-minute demo on how to create a new function for the Calc spreadsheet software using the NetBeans IDE.

Java ME development with Solaris x86

This tutorial provides information about setting up an environment to use Solaris OS for developing Java ME application using BrandZ (Branded Zones), J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2 and NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5. Branded Zones allow Linux applications to run on Solaris unmodified.

Dynamic Data in jMaki Widgets Using JPA

jMaki provides a rich set of data widgets that can be embedded in a web application. For most of the widgets to be useful, they need to be tied to a database backend. For example, a Table widget displaying data from a stock ticker. Arun Gupta explains the steps to creating a Web application using NetBeans, deployed on GlassFish V2, that contains a jMaki-wrapped Yahoo Data Table widget pulling data from JavaDB.

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