IDE Shootout at JUG Cologne - July 3

Come watch four IDEs--NetBeans, Oracle, Eclipse and JetBrains--battle it out July 3 at JUG Cologne in Germany. Only one IDE will be left standing. Which will it be?! NetBeans Evangelist Roumen Strobl will be representing NetBeans. Good luck to NetBeans! Registration is free, but seating is LIMITED. Reserve your spot now.


Dream Team Profile: Edgar Silva

Here's a puzzler: Can Jiu-Jitsu (a martial art form, if you don't know...) make you a better developer? Find out in our latest Dream Team interview with Edgar Silva from Brazil.

NetBeans Podcast Episode 30

Listen in as Roumen and Gregg talk about tutorials, cool GlassFish documents, upcoming events, and more. Plus, a "NetBeans Puzzler" winner and his cool prize.


Putting Flickr on Rails

Check out the NetBeans 6.0 Ruby support in action! With this tutorial, create a Ruby on Rails application that searches the Flickr database and displays the results in a web browser.

Resolving Java ME Device Fragmentation Issues

The write once, run anywhere axiom that has driven the popularity of the Java programming language does not apply very well to the world of Java Micro Edition (Java ME). Device capabilities such as screen size, color depth and memory vary considerably. Throw in the choice of profiles, configurations and J2ME APIs and you have what we call device fragmentation. This tutorial shows how to use the IDE's built-in capabilities to resolve Java ME MIDP device fragmentation problems.

NetBeans Google Toolbar Module Tutorial

This two-part tutorial demonstrates how to create a module that adds a Google Search toolbar to the IDE.


Extending the NetBeans API Wizards

Are you developing an application on top of the NetBeans Platform? Or, maybe you're creating plugins to extend NetBeans IDE with new functionality? In either case, you probably use one or more of the NetBeans API wizards, such as the New Action wizard or the New File Type wizard. But what do you do when these wizards do not create all the code you need? Maybe you should think about customizing these wizards to suit your own needs in your own environment. Geertjan gives you some pointers in a new series of blog entries.

Divas Talk About Page Fragments

In their latest blog entry, the Divas explain how page fragments work and give a few code samples for common tasks.

Screencast #Web2: jMaki on Rails for Dummies

This screencast from Arun Gupta shows how NetBeans 6.0 M9 can be used to add a Maki-wrapped Yahoo DataTable widget that pulls data from MySQL database using ActiveRecord in a Rails application.


eWeek: USDA Keeps Up with the Flow (With NetBeans)

Using NetBeans to solve real life issues! Water is an integral part of our lives, yet someone has to make sure there's enough to go around. Read how USDA developers help to keep people hydrated (not to mention clean!) with the NetBeans Platform and development tools from NetBeans Strategic Partners Intland and CollabNet.

NetBeans Plug-in for Sun Grid Application Development

The Sun Grid Compute Utility Module for the NetBeans IDE lets you do a number of cool things: develop a Java application directly in NetBeans; manage resources, jobs, and "runs" on Sun Grid Compute Utility without leaving Netbeans; and more. Learn more about the plug-in and watch a demonstration that was given at JavaOne.

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