NetBeans Day at Jazoon, Zurich - June 23, 2007

Did you miss the NetBeans WorldTour stop in San Francisco? Then hop back on the tour by joining us at Jazoon in Zurich!

NetBeans Day is a chance to discover latest innovations at NetBeans and how they can enhance your user experience. Mingle with members of the NetBeans Team and ask them about NetBeans 6.0! (Or give feedback--we really want to hear from you.) Check out the tour agenda for more of what to expect in Zurich.

And what's a NetBeans Day without freebies? We'll be giving out t-shirts, books, stress relievers, and more. Need one last push? End NetBeans Day by joining your fellow users for a BeerBust! What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Registration is free.

NetBeans Evangelist Brian Leonard at Jazoon: Transitioning to Seam

Join NetBeans Evangelist Brian Leonard at Jazoon for a presentation on using the Seam framework on June 26 and June 28. Visit his blog for a sneak preview of his talk.

Project News

Solaris Express Developer Edition 5/07 Released

Sun Microsystems releases Solaris Express Developer Edition 5/07, Sun's free OpenSolaris-based distribution targeted at developers running on x86 systems. Major highlights for this release are the inclusion of:

* New Sun Studio 12 compilers
* NetBeans 5.5 IDE
* NetBeans Visual Web Pack 5.5
* NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5
* NetBeans Profiler 5.5
* Major enhancements around networking - a new automatic network configuration facility plus broader support for laptop wireless network adapters.

Visit the Solaris Express Developer Edition site for more details.


Introducing NUG Indonesia aka NECTAR

There's a new NetBeans Users Group in the NetBeans community: NUG Indonesia! Read about the group's growth from a one-person mailing list to a 289-member (and counting!) code-sharing force.

Add "Tip of the Day" Feature to a Platform Application!

You may think your NetBeans Platform application is complete, but... is it really? Maybe it isn't... does it have a 'Tip of the Day' feature, so that your users will see a new tip every time they start up your application? Geertjan discusses (and, in the comments, provides a link to the complete sample) a module that provides 'Tip of the Day' functionality. The tips are loaded from the NetBeans user directory, which means that you can send new tips to your users, simply by distributing a new tip file to them. Or the user might want to change the tips themselves. That's possible too.


Using the New Version of jMaki in Visual Web Pack

image Get the latest version (9.3) of jMaki then check out this mini-tutorial on how to use jMaki in a NetBeans Visual Web Pack project. With jMaki, you can more easily use widgets from libraries such as Dojo and Yahoo in your JavaServer Faces applications.

Why Model With UML?

This article serves as a primer for the basic concepts of UML while providing an understanding of the purposes of modeling. It is written for those engineers who can never find time to model a project before starting to code and for those engineers who have not yet considered creating models of their systems prior to coding them. It presents some methods and strategies to help you be more efficient and possibly even save time.


Community Docs Spotlight: Gustav Paul

Gustav Paul of South Africa has contributed a new tutorial to the NetBeans Community Docs Wiki: Adding DRYML syntax highlighting support (NetBeans 6.0 with Ruby). Be sure to check it out.


Creating Dynamic Web Content Using NetBeans 5.5 & Visual Web Pack

David Botterill has started blogging about his experiences creating the NetBeans Plugin Portal. In this set of blogs, David discusses how to create dynamic content. In David's next blog on this topic, he plans to show you how to create a "Tag Cloud".

Seam Refresh

It's been over a year since Brian first wrote about Seam and enough has changed over that time to deserve a refresh of the entry. Seam is now at version 1.2.1 and JBoss just recently released version 4.2. The entry shows you how to set everything up using the latest releases of both, as well as on running Seam on GlassFish.

Optimizing the Building of Large NetBeans RCP Projects

From Dream Team member Fabrizio Giudici: "If you are developing a large project with NetBeans RCP, sooner or later compiling will take a lot of time. For the sake of the project, it's important to address this efficiency issue in the build process. If you don't see code reorganization as merely "moving files around" but as the consequence of a design/architecture refactoring, you'll get some extra benefits."

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