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Go Multilingual with NetBeans IDE 5.5.1!

Standardizing the NetBeans experience across the spectrum of languages continues with the Multilingual Releases of the NetBeans 5.5.1 IDE and its BlueJ Edition in Brazilian Portuguese (100% community contributed), Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Spread the word about NetBeans's language versions by giving demos, talks, hands-on labs or presentations with a localized NetBeans IDE. And even better, JOIN the Translation Project and help us to continue creating more language versions of NetBeans!

Improvements to Visual JSF Designer's Performance

Roumen Strobl writes that there is a new team working to fix the performance troubles of Visual JSF Designer in NetBeans. Aptly named the Visual Web Pack Performance Tiger Team, the group's efforts to make Visual JSF roar have already led to impressive results. Learn more about the team and find out how to follow their progress.

Blog About NetBeans IDE 6.0!

Download NetBeans IDE 6.0 Preview and blog about your experience! Write about features you like, those you want to see, or just give your overall impression. Read samples of what other developers have to say about the preview.


Interview: Sun's Course Developers in Bangalore, India

SL-275, FJ-310... If you know what these identifiers mean, then you've probably taken at least one of Sun's Java courses. But how are they written? And who writes them? Meet a team of content developers in Bangalore, India, who are responsible for analyzing and filling out the content of several of Sun's Java courses.

TheServerSide Interview: Charles Nutter on the JRuby Project

Kirk Pepperdine of interviews Charles Nutter, contributor to the JRuby project. Nutter discusses how JRuby is being integrated into the Java platform and how the JVM is evolving to support dynamic languages. He looks at upcoming support for JRuby in Netbeans 6.0 and addresses broader issues around dynamic languages such as type-checking, scalability and performance. (From


Communty Docs Spotlight: Daniel Boekhoff

Daniel Boekhoff used a plug-in developed by Petr Pišl (a NetBeans Engineer) to create a web application that uses Facelets and Java Persistence Technology with Glassfish and a MySQL Database to store the data. This is a very useful tutorial for a lot of people. Check it out.


Build Dynamic Drop Down Lists with Dynamic Faces

image The dynamic diva duo show how easy it is to use Dynamic Faces technology to build a set of drop-down components that use Ajax requests to coordinate the lists.

Navigating Layer Files

From Sandip Chitale's blog, a very valuable tool for NetBeans module developers.

A new action Open Layer Files(s) was added in recent trunk builds (6/2/2007). The action can be invoked from the pop up menu of nodes under:

Important Files/XML Layer/this layer in context
Important Files/XML Layer/this layer

in the logical view of the NetBeans module projects. The action opens (in editor) the layer file(s) that declare the node on which it is invoked. Invoking the Select In > Projects action in the layer file editor's pop up menu opens the Project that owns the layer file.....


Centering Components with Matisse

Prior to NetBeans 6.0, aligning two or more Swing components on center with Matisse was difficult. But now, there's a new feature in 6.0 that simplifies the process. Get the details in this blog entry from Roumen Strobl.

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