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NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 Now Available!

NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 provides a number of bug fixes and supports the "v2" release of the open source GlassFish server, which is the basis for Sun Java System Application Server 9.1. GlassFish v2 can be downloaded from the GlassFish project page. NetBeans 5.5.1 also adds Windows Vista as a supported platform. The NetBeans Mobility Pack includes the Java ME Wireless Toolkit, version 2.5.1. NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 is available in English and has been localized into simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Download it now and let us know what you think!

Give Feedback About NetBeans 6.0!

We're happy to report that many of you have downloaded NetBeans 6.0 Preview (Milestone 9) and have actively given feedback. The good news is? A lot of your responses have been positive. A sample:

I had tried the earlier versions of NetBeans and found it not usable at all. But version 5.5 and 6.0 is amazing. I don't think there is any IDE in the market which supports the variety of features that NetBeans does. Meera S.

And the not-so positive ones? We're listening to those as well, and working hard to improve the NetBeans experience for ALL. So Download M9 and let us know what you think. You can blog about your experience, or share it with other users.

Vote NetBeans for JDJ Readers' Choice Awards!

NetBeans has received multiple nominations in this year's Java Developers' Journal Readers' Choice Awards!

Best Book - NetBeans IDE Field Guide, 2nd Ed.
Best Java Application - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java Debugging Tool - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java EE App Dev. Framework - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java IDE Environment - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java Open Source Product - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java Profiling / Testing Tool - NetBeans Profiler
Best Team Development Tool - NetBeans 5.0
Best Tool for Rich Internet Applications - NetBeans 5.0
Most Innovative Java Product - NetBeans 5.0
Best Java Technical Article - GUI Building in NetBeans IDE
Best Java Rich Client Platform - NetBeans 5.0

Help to make it a sweep for NetBeans! Hurry, VOTING ENDS MAY 31st!


image Blog about GlassFish for a chance to win a 52-inch LCD HD TV! How? Download and install Java EE 5 SDK Update3 Preview or GlassFish v2, try its new and exciting features, blog about the experience and provide a link to your blog entry. The contest starts May 1 and ends June 15, 2007.


Get Daily Dose of Dilbert on Your Mobile Device

This article describes how you can use the use End-to-End Connection Bridge technology in the NetBeans Mobility Pack to create a mobile client application that consumes a Web service. The Dilbert Viewer fetches the daily comic strip—Dilbert—from a Web service, converts the graphics to a space-saving format, and displays the strip on a mobile device.

Using NetBeans's BPEL, JBI & Web Services Development Features

This tutorial offers a complete scenario of NetBeans 5.5.1's capabilities when developing Web Services, BPEL and composite applications. Also, learn about CASA editor, BPEL designer, and some JBI terms and features that are provided in NetBeans and Glassfish.

VWP: Redirection When a Session Times Out

Learn how to control a user's interaction with your application when variables go out of session scope.


Review the NetBeans Platform Book on!

Have you been reading the new "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform"? Share your thoughts—a quick review—on What did you like? What did you not like? Would you recommend this book to a friend? What were the book's highlights? This information could be very valuable to others!


Resources for Building JavaFX Desktop Apps

Looking to work with JavaFX Script language? Check out this blog entry from Charles Ditzel in which he shares links to tutorials, blogs and other resources.

Code Completion for Text Files

Typing in a text file and forgotten how to spell a word? Or forgotten what the word you're typing means? Press Ctrl-Space and you'll see a list of words to complete the word you're typing. The list of words are defined by you, via the Options window. The definitions come from a web service. Or maybe you'd simply like to know how this functionality works under the hood? Download Geertjan's Text File Dictionary Project Template and you'll have everything you need to ensure you'll never make a spelling mistake in text files again.

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