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New Expert Preso: NetBeans Visual Library

In a slideshow hosted by JavaLobby, Building Applications with NetBeans Visual Library, Roman Strobl (blog entry) returns with some super slick demos of the new NetBeans Visual Library in NetBeans 6.0. Watch as he shows you what makes NetBeans Mobility and JSF tools tick.

Video: NetBeans Mobility Pack

Martin Ryzl from NetBeans Mobility Team gave a tech talk at Google, which was recorded and published online. The talk covers the features of NetBeans Mobility pack and also the new features in NetBeans 6.0.

Sun Grid Module Suite for NetBeans IDE

The Sun Grid Module Suite for NetBeans IDE enables access to the Sun Grid Compute Utility (SGCU) at directly from within NetBeans. The SGCU provides easy access to an enormous computing resource over the Internet. With this plugin you can develop Java applications for the SGCU, deploy and execute applications with a single click, create Resources and Jobs, and run Jobs and monitor their progress. It also provides mechanisms for automating the deployment and execution of applications targeted for the SGCU. More information is also available at and


Sherry Barkodar's NetBeans 6.0 Preview Cookbooks

These CookBooks from Sherry have are written for the SOA and Composite Application functionality in NetBeans 6.0 Preview (M9). It also includes the Flash videos and LoanProcessing application demonstrated at Java One 2007.


Do You Want a New T-shirt?

NetBeans.Tv competition has moved beyond video only! You can submit your video via the competition website or send us your photos or text to . Need ideas? Record yourself on your webcam & tell us why you love NetBeans or send us a picture of yourself holding up a NetBeans sign in front of your town, city or country monument. All entries will be reviewed and, once accepted, you will receive an all new NetBeans T-shirt. Join in the fun!

NetBeans Podcast Episode #28

NetBeans Podcast Episode #28 features news & highlights from NB Day San Francisco & JavaOne. Be sure to check it out!

Request For Feedback on NetBeans 6.0

Join us in the most popular conversation on JavaLobby a Request For Feedback on NetBeans 6.0. Share your thoughts and opinions with this crowd.


JavaHelp and Swing Application Framework

Patrick Keegan returns to the blogosphere with a post on hooking up JavaHelp to a Swing Application Framework application.


Community Docs Spotlight: Supun Liyanage

This week the NetBeans Community Docs Spotlight shines its beam on Supun Liyanage, a NetBeans user based in Negombo, Sri Lanka. Supun has provide the NetBeans Community Docs program with a valuable article: Template-based System Development Using UML.

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