Get More out of NetBeans at the NB Day San Francisco Partner Showcase!

Attend NetBeans Day San Francisco and meet some of the innovative companies adding value to the NetBeans community with plug-ins that extend the IDE's functionality! Interested in using NetBeans to build Rich Internet Applications? We recommend a stop at the Partner Showcase with Xoetrope. Is subversion your thing? Then drop in on the CollabNet talk. Check out the NetBeans Day Agenda for a list of participating partner companies and for details of the various sessions!

Project News

New NetBeans Plugin Portal Launches!

The NEW NetBeans Plugin Portal is up and running! Extending the functionality of the NetBeans IDE is now a simple process. Use the portal to find plug-ins, rate and review them, and even publish your own NetBeans plug-ins! This launch is Phase One of our plan to make the portal the primary destination for NetBeans Plugins. We need your feedback for Phase Two. Check out the portal and tell us what you'd like to see in the next round!

Rich-Client Programming Samples Available

The book "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform" will be released in the next few weeks; in addition to great content, it will have a companion CD of samples. For those eager readers who bought the early draft in PDF form, the samples are available in the NetBeans IDE 6.0 development update center. They will also soon be available in one of the 5.5 update centers. Get more information from Geertjan's blog.


Podcast with Dave Botterill, Creator of the NetBeans Plugin Portal

NetBeans Evangelist Dave Botterill spent five months retooling the NetBeans Plugin Portal from a static page into the attractive and dynamic database that it is today. In this podcast with technical writer Cindy Church, he talks about his involvement in the redesign.

Note to NetBeans Day and JavaOne attendees interested in learning more about the Plugin Portal: Dave will be at NetBeans Day and will also deliver a JavaOne BOF on the technical aspect of building the Plugin Portal: Developing a Real-World Web Application with NetBeans Release 5.5 Visual Web Pack.

Matisse Wins Innovation Award at JAX!

An audience of developers voted and Matisse emerged a favorite and winner at the annual JAX conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. Roumen Strobl accepted the award on behalf of NetBeans. How did his "command" of the German language help sway the crowd? Read his blog for details.


Dream Team Profile: Joerg Plewe

Joerg Plewe, the second interviewee in our Dream Team Profile Series, would rather promote NetBeans without fireworks. Find out why this Java speaker and blogger with a cool hobby—he's a part-time flight pilot—is an advocate of "silent evangelism".

NetBeans on the Road

Need a NetBeans CD real bad, but your local post office can't get its act together? Worry not, we now make house calls. Sort of. Follow the adventures of Micah and Martin as they hand deliver NetBeans CDs to users around the world. In their latest video log from Cyprus, they interview Kiavash Bahrein, an Iranian developer and professor who teaches with the NetBeans IDE.


Authentication for NetBeans Platform Applications

Your application based on the NetBeans Platform is almost done. Now you need to create a login screen. What do you do? How do you get started? Read Geertjan's multi-part blog entry to find out....

Rails and Model Relationships

Discover how Brian Leonard enhances the Ruby web log he's been building to allow for the posting of comments. In the process, you will learn how to deal with model relationships in Ruby, as a single post can have zero or more comments.


Using the Ajax Rating Component

In this tutorial, you use the Rating component to enable the user to assign a rating to an item. The tutorial provides an implementation of a RatingData class, which maintains the user's rating, the number of votes, and the average rating for the item.

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