Need Another Reason to Attend NetBeans Day San Francisco?

NetBeans Day is already packed with incentives to come but if you need more motivation check out the cool giveaways! Be one of the lucky attendees and receive a copy of Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform, a 1GB USB flash drive preloaded with the latest NetBeans 6.0 Milestone and last but not least a special edition NB 6.0 T-shirt to match. You heard it here first!

Project News

NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 RC Now Available

NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 Release Candidate is available in English and has been localized into simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. In order to download localizations first go to the 5.5.1 NB download page and then click on Other Systems & Languages.

UML Modeling Module Ships

The NetBeans 5.5, UML Modeling module is now available for download from the NetBeans Update Center. The module provides UML modeling features to the NetBeans IDE. It allows analysts and designers to design applications using a standard modeling language. Developers are then able to generate source code from the UML model and update the model from changes made in their source code.


Securing Communications in Web Services: A Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through the process of securing communications between the service's client and server with Sun Java System Access Manager, NetBeans IDE 5.5, and the Java Application Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) with Tools bundle.


A Mobile MSN Project

Project "tJOP-tJOP" is a Mobile MSN Application that runs on almost every phone (Midp 1.0, Midp 2.0, Symbian). In this white paper, NetBeans community author Mehmet Ecevit shares the 13-month-story of a pure Java project that contains various Java technologies (j2me, j2ee etc.) and how the NetBeans IDE helped make it possible. Get and stay connect to your data (email, o email, news, instant messaging, business reports and charts, and web search) from anywhere. Mehmet has contributed his white paper to the Community Docs Wiki.


New Book Available: Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition

Hot off the press! A new book by Adam Myatt that covers NetBeans IDE 5.5 has just been released. Gregg Sporar has a full review available in his blog entry and if you go to, as announced in Geertjan's blog, you can pick up "Rich Client Programming" together with Romain and Chet's "Filthy Rich Clients"... a once in a lifetime offer.

Building a Ruby Sample for NetBeans

We're in the process of creating some sample applications to ship with the NetBeans Ruby module, one of which will be based on the screencast, Putting Flickr on Rails. You can just download and run the sample project (you'll have to set your Flickr API Key), or build it from scratch as documented here.

Rails and Database Migrations

Rails is so easy because the framework defines conventions, which if followed, allow rails to do its magic. This entry is a reprise of an earlier web blog example entry, now brought to you in a more Rails conventional way.

Screencast: Download, Install & Get Started with Sun Web Developer Pack

This screencast shows download options for the recently released Sun Web Developer Pack. Also find out how to install and get started (including NetBeans plug-in installation).

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