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What can you expect on NetBeans Software Day 2007? Rub shoulders with Java luminaries such as James Gosling and Rich Green. Learn from experts about new and upcoming features in the NetBeans IDE. Find out why the NetBeans IDE continues to lead with the latest technology for Java EE 5 support and more. How do you get to do this? By registering NOW for your FREE spot at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, on Monday, May 7.

NetBeans Mobility @ Orange Partner Camp

Join members of the NetBeans team at Orange Partner Camp in Cape Canaveral, Florida, April 16-18, to learn what's new with the NetBeans Mobility Pack and how Orange is using their version of the IDE to optimize the mobile Java developer experience for their portfolio of devices.


NetBeans Wins Multiple Jolt Awards

"...'The Jolts' recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products. A perfect description of NetBeans and why the NetBeans 5.5 IDE and the Mobility and Visual Web Packs nabbed three Jolt Awards, also known as "Tech Oscars", at the 17th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards ceremony.


NetBeans Governance Board Announced

Congratulations to David Strupl and Ramon Ramos. Both have been elected to serve on the NetBeans Governance Board.


VWP: Using the Ajax Text Completion Component

This tutorial shows you how to build a web page that contains a text field component created using Java BluePrints Ajax technology. As you type in the text field, auto-completion is attempted based on a list of possible expansions provided by a 180,000-word English dictionary. The dictionary is provided through a web service.

Community Docs: Translate Your NetBeans Module

This week's Community Docs contribution comes from Michel Graciano. His tutorial shows you how to translate your NetBeans module to make it available to even more NetBeans users. NetBeans is used by developers around the world, and thanks to tutorials like Michel's, the NetBeans IDE experience is getting even better. Have you translated your module yet?

Ajax and Web Application Development: Project Phobos

The goal of Project Phobos is to build a lightweight web application framework that runs on the Java platform but allows you to develop your entire application using a scripting language, such as JavaScript. As a result, you can take advantage of the many benefits that scripting languages offer but still leverage the power of the Java platform.


Get The Whole Picture With The NetBeans Profiler

Kirk Pepperdine has been experimenting with the latest NetBeans 6.0 Milestone and has discovered the value of the new heap walker that is included in the NetBeans Profiler. Used in conjunction with the existing "generation count" feature, it helps him quickly identify the cause of memory leaks. He writes up his results in this blog entry.

NetBeans Editor and Refactoring

Dream Team-er Fabrizio Giudici answers five productivity-related questions about NetBeans posed by a developer and friend who is a long-time Eclipse user.

Schliemann and Erlang Support

In his blog, Caoyuan writes about how he used Schliemann to provide editor support for Erlang, which is a functional language, with strict evaluation, single assignment, and dynamic typing.

Favorites Window Gets No Respect

Do you use the NetBeans IDE's Favorites window? If not, you might want to give it a try. Gregg Sporar describes one of the more valuable, but hidden features in the IDE in this blog entry.

Initial Support for Groovy in NetBeans

The Coyote project is no more, but a start is being made at using Schliemann to create language support for Groovy.

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