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Issue #272 - Jan 3, 2007
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# Calendar
NetBeans Day Atlanta - January 16, 2007
The NetBeans WorldTour is a chance to mingle with NetBeans experts and enthusiasts and get the latest NetBeans news. Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

# Articles
O'Reilly Selects NetBeans as a 2006 Java Technology Winner
"NetBeans wins over Eclipse this year, because NetBeans has made significant progress and growth relative to Eclipse. A year or so ago, NetBeans seemed dead and buried. Eclipse is still the market share leader, but has lost momentum to NetBeans and perhaps other IDEs out there, imo."

NetBeans 5.5 Awarded Technology of the Year by InfoWorld
"NetBeans already had the most complete collaboration features among IDE platforms. This year it added important new modules such as Matisse, the most advanced Java GUI designer available today, and complete support for Java EE 5. NetBeans is likely all that developers of enterprise Java applications will need."

Tutorial: Java Persistence in a Java SE Project
This tutorial takes you through the basics of developing a Java application with stand-alone persistence using Java EE 5 technology. The tutorial uses the NetBeans 5.5 release and the Sun Java System Application Server 9.0, Platform Edition.

# Blogs
"Top Ten Java Computing Stories of the Year"
Charles Ditzel takes another look back at 2006 with his compilation of major (and some overlooked) stories about Java computing.

More Glowing Reviews for NetBeans 5.5
Chhandomay Mandal blogs about two recent positive reviews for NetBeans 5.5 from CRN and

# Community
Take the Mobility Pack for CDC Survey
The Mobility team is looking for feedback about the Mobility Pack for CDC. The survey will help the team better understand users' needs and discover what functionality requires more or less focus. Take a few minutes to respond about your experience working with the pack.

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