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Issue #271 - Dec 20, 2006
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# Project News
NetBeans 5.5 Multilingual Release Now Available—Including Brazilian Portuguese
NetBeans 5.5 is now available localized into Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese—a translation by a group of Brazilian developers. In addition to the NetBeans IDE, the Enterprise Pack also has been translated into Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese; the Profiler and Mobility Pack(CLDC) into Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Lastly, be sure to read about how the Brazilian Java community, led by Michel Graciano, organized for the Brazilian Portuguese release.

Java SE 6 Now Available for Download
This major release of the Java SE platform comes with full support from NetBeans IDE 5.5. “Build more powerful applications, fuel innovation, and protect your investment using Java SE 6 and NetBeans 5.5 with a complete portfolio of supporting developer products and services from Sun.”

Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 Now Available
This SDK supports the newly released Java SE 6 and introduces a new runtime component, Portlet Container 1.0 Beta, to develop and test Java portlets.

Portal Pack NetBeans Portlet Plugin 1.0 Available for Download
The Portal Pack NetBeans Portlet Plugin 1.0 includes a plugin for the Portlet Container 1.0 Beta component bundled with the Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 release. As a plugin for NetBeans IDE 5.5 and above, this current release helps developers develop, deploy and test portlets.

# Articles
NetBeans in 2006: A Year in Review
2006 was a productive year for NetBeans—releases galore, WorldTour events, publication of a well-received book, and many other noteworthy events. But before we jump into 2007 and kickoff another stellar year, let’s take a quick glance at highlights from 2006.

Tutorial: Beginning JNI with NetBeans™ C/C++ Pack 5.5, Part I
This multi-part tutorial covers the creation of a sample JNI application in the Microsoft® Windows®operating system. Part one guides you through the creation of a sample application which uses JNI to execute some native code written in the C programming language.

Visual Web Pack Tutorial: Using the AJAX Progress Bar Component
This tutorial shows you how to use NetBeans Visual Web Pack 5.5 to build a web application that uses the sample Java BluePrints AJAX Progress Bar component. It also shows several uses of the Progress Bar.

New NetBeans Lexer API
Do you know about the new Lexer API and what it can do for your NetBeans modules and applications? NetBeans writer Geertjan Wielenga asked Mila Metelka, the lead engineer behind this API, some questions about it and provides answers in his blog.

# Blogs
NetBeans Spring IDE 1st Look
Get the latest on Dirk Rost's current project: a Spring IDE for Netbeans. According to Rost, "The NetBeans Spring Ide supports readability and documentation of Spring based applications. The current version is a pre alpha...." And he's looking for contributors. Read his blog for more details.

New NetBeans Project: JasperReport Visual Designer for NetBeans
Charles Ditzel writes: "JasperReport Visual Designer for NetBeans is going to be open-sourced. Tony [Epple] is expecting to release jarvis under CDDL.... Since he made this announcement he has been doing some work with PropertySheets, BeanInfo and annotations...." Epple's project aims to provide complete support for the design and execution of report templates.

NetBeans Free-Form Projects as Library Wrappers
From Gregory Murphy: “I have written a blog entry about how to use NetBeans free-form projects as library wrappers, a hack that I have found useful in some of my work. It's an attempt to have something like libraries that can be stored in a remote code repository.” Go to his blog for instructions.

# Calendar
Last NetBeans Newsletter for 2006!
The NetBeans Weekly News will return Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

NetBeans Day Atlanta - January 16, 2007
New Year's resolutions? You sniff. So passe.... Well, here's an original one: "I will attend the NetBeans WorldTour in Atlanta!" The NetBeans WorldTour is a chance to mingle with NetBeans experts and enthusiasts and get the latest NetBeans news. Space is limited so reserve your spot today. It's one resolution you want to make and will hate to break.

# Community
Bloggers Wanted for the new Chinese Planet NetBeans Site
The Simplified Chinese blog site on Planet NetBeans now appears on the welcome screen of the IDE in the same language. But bloggers are still needed to blog in Chinese and spread the word about NetBeans. Contribute to the Chinese Planet NetBeans site.

Neat Tip: What is in a Username?
Having trouble installing NetBeans IDE 5.5 in the Windows platform? Your username could be the culprit. NetBeans user Natthawut Kulnirundorn offers a solution.

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