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Issue #267 - Nov 21, 2006

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Issue #267 - Nov 21, 2006
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NetBeans Magazine is on Fire!
Due to the overwhelming response to the latest issue of NetBeans
Magazine we are highlighting it again this week so nobody misses out.
Unique content, source files and a beautiful layout just for you!

NetBeans Dream Team
Submit your nominations or nominate yourself for the NetBeans Dream
Team. If you have not heard of this new team then continue here:

JavaOne Conference Call for Papers Is Now Open
Got a hot Java technology topic for 2007? Submit your session abstract
by December 15, 2006.

Create Great-Looking GUIs With NetBeans IDE 5.5
This article shows some of the best practices around building a nice
looking application. It discusses NetBeans IDE 5.5 Free Design mode,
concepts around making sure to achieve platform independence, design
previews, internationalization, building custom components, what the
generated code looks like and integration with Java SE 6. Check it out!

Code Completion: How to Create Your Own
A new tutorial describes how to implement the Editor Code Completion
API. At the end, you have a useful extension to the NetBeans text
editor. The code completion box will pop up while you are typing text,
providing ways in which you can complete the word you're typing.
Feedback is very welcome, use the link at the end of the tutorial.

A Conversation with Seam
Struggling to get control over the browser's back button? Are new
browser windows and tabs reeking havoc on HTTP session management with
in your web application? Start a conversation with JBoss' Seam
framework to get past these annoying problems. All with the help of
NetBeans, of course.

Hacking Open Source javac
Java SE is now an open-source project, with the HotSpot VM and javac as
its first sub-projects. This is great news for anyone interested in
Java performance, as the world now has full-access to both the static
(javac) and dynamic (HotSpot) optimizing compilers from Sun's Java
implementation. Read more from Tom Ball.

The JavaHelp System is Open Sourced!
The open sourced JavaHelp System consists of three NetBeans projects.
Geertjan explains in his blog how to get started with these projects,
everything from how to get them to how to change them to what to do to
see the results in the NetBeans JavaHelp helpset.
In another blog entry he shows a simple yet powerful feature you can
add to the JavaHelp System.

99 Second Flash Demos
Sherry Barkodar's blog has over thirty 99 second flash demos. These are
demos on SOA topics - creating Composite Applications and Business
Process Execution Language (BPEL) projects within NetBeans IDE 5.5 and
the Enterprise Pack. If you want to see a demo quickly - these ninety
nine second demos are quick and they come with the accompanying longer

5 Minute Demo
Roumen prepared a 5-minute demo of the new Visual Web Pack used together
with JAX-WS 2.0 based web services. You can watch the flash demo here:

Incremental Search Toolbar & Rectangular Edit Tools Plugin
There is a new plugin, Incremental Search Toolbar plugin, which
provides a nice incremental search text filed in the Increment Search
Toolbar. As you type the text the matching text will be highlighted in
the editor. You can find it more information here:
The Rectangular Edit Tools plugin has been updated and there is now
complete information on what features are available here:
Nice work Sandip!

Lexer and Hyperlinks
When using Lexer to provide tokens, how do you create hyperlinks? Read
this new tip, including a helpful code snippet, in Geertjan's blog:

Tapestry in NetBeans: First Release!
The Tapestry in NetBeans project on is coming along very well.
Currently the project supports:
* wizards for generating Tapestry-enabled projects, pages, components
and libraries.
* a component palette allowing drag&drop authoring of pages and
* custom editors for several configuration files.
* autocomplete in template files.
* integration with Tapestry's documentation.
For cool screenshots and more info, go to

Kirk Pepperdine and Open Sourced Duke
James Gosling open sourced Duke! Kirk Pepperdine, one of the managers
of, adapted Duke to advertise his Java training
courses on Crete. Check out the result:

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